Triphala Holistic Constipation Remedy

Triphala for Colon Cleansing
Triphala( 60 capsules )

order now Triphala has been a very loyal companion of the human since prehistoric time. Though we don’t know that what all was involved in making this wonderful formulation but it is for sure that the person who had made this formulation might have been a genius. Reference of Triphala can be traced in almost all the ancient text books of India like Rig Veda, Atharveda, Charka Samhita and the list is endless.

Ayurveda has recognized triphala as a natural health tonic that is helpful in reducing the aging process and also in mating a health of a health person. But Triphala has one more rile to play. It is also a healer. Triphala is involved in treating so many diseases that it is regarded as the drug of choice for a number of medicines.

Below are the diseases that can be easily treated by triphala

  • Digestive ProblemsTriphala is composed of three herbs known as Amalaki, Haritaki and Bhibitaki. All the three herbs are known for their detoxifying effects. All these three herbs posses properties by which they act as mridu virechak or mild laxative. There for it is very effective in treating the problem of constipation. It also tones up the intestines and color so that proper absorption is facilitated in the intestines and colon.
  • FlatulenceTriphala according to ayurveda acts as deepan and pachan in the body. Depan and pachan literally means appetizer and digestive agent. Hence it is helpful in promoting digestion. It is also helpful in detoxifying a toxic known as ama in ayurvedic terminology that is the main responsible for causing flatulence and hyperacidity.
  • ArthritisTriphala is a herbal composition that is very beneficial in treating the arthritis. It also has some analgesic actions that are also contributing in relieving from pain and agony that patients suffering from arthritis have to bear.
  • ObesityTriphala is highly recommended to people suffering from obesity and over weight condition. It helps in increase the metabolism in the body especially the fat metabolism that aids less deposition of fats in the body. More over it helps in easy absorption of the nutrients in the intestines that facilitates the provision of energy in the body hence a common problem of fatigue in obese patients is resolved.

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