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B – Gap (ayurvedic contraceptive pill)

1 tablet per box

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Just one tablet of herbal B Gap tablet prevents unwanted pregnancy by up to 6 months.
One of the first herbal ayurvedic female contraceptive pill that is helpful in avoiding unwanted and unplanned pregnancy.

This is a traditional herbal formulation based on ayurvedic concepts that helps in forming a salty layer on the ovum their by inhibiting the fertilization of ovum by sperm.
B Gap is a kind of new revolution in the medical field as it is an herbal product that does not contains any harmful hormones that has various side effects and ill effects in a woman’s health.

Benefits of B Gap tablet

  1. Very effective and efficient
  2. Safe with no side effects
  3. Helpful in planning the pregnancy as per your terms
  4. One tablet avoids pregnancy for 6 months
  5. Being an ayurvedic formulation there is no weight gain
  6. There are no contraceptive pill side effects
  7. No hormonal disturbances
  8. Easy to use
  9. Cheapest herbal ayurvedic contraceptive pill
  10. Menses begin on time
  11. No pain during menses
  12. No chances of infection

How to use B gap ayurvedic contraceptive pill?
B Gap tablet should be taken on the 5th day after menses are over. Swallow b gap tablet early in the morning with water, empty stomach when menses are closed. Avoid intercourse for seven days.

Tinospora cordifolia 10mg
Bambusa arundinacea 10mg
Chloride of sodium 2mg
Berberis aristata 10 mg
Ricinus comunis 25mg

One tablet with water early morning or as directed by physician.

One tablet in one pack.


  1. Suspected / confirmed pregnancy
  2. Irregular unexplained vaginal bleeding
  3. Use of antibiotic
Note – don’t crush and chew the tablet.