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Baidyanath Vita-Ex Gold Plus


Recharge, Reactivate, Refresh your vitality and vigour. Go for Baidyanath Vita – Ex – Gold Plus. An Ayurvedic product of repute, enriched by Silver and Gold Bhasma. Fortified with additional 14 invaluable potent Herbs increase your pleasure and heightens your happiness for a longer time.

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Baidyanath Yograj Guggulu


Indicated in rheumatism, gout, nervous disease, piles, epilepsy, Cardiac lesions, anaemia etc.

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Baidyanath Rogan Badam Shirin


100 % sweet almond oil expelled from pure almonds (Prunus amygdalus). It is multi utility almond oil that makes bones stronger, strengthens your nervous system, controls blood sugar and is very useful for heart and mind.

Directions: 5-10 ml (1-2 teaspoonful) to be taken with 250 ml of milk at night. Also apply externally on head and body.

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Quantity : 25 ml
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Baidyanath Kesari Kalp


Hectic way of life can reduce the necessary nutrients from the body and decrease the system to a run-down situation. A standard diet alone cannot give all the critical nutrients, essential by the system. Baidyanath Kesarikalp is an optimal blend of Gold, Silver, Calcium, Iron, Proteins and Vitamins, apart from Kesari (saffron), Abhraka and Mucuna Pruriens, in a base of Amla (goose berry). Amala is a proven antioxidant, which can neutralize harmful free radicals, with its rich supply of vitamin C. Gold is a well known immune enhancer and Silver an outstanding nervine tonic. Kesari, is an excellent Antioxidant, that can holdup the ageing process and mucuna, an effective aphrodisiac.

  • Delays ageing
  • Enhances immune mechanism
  • Tones nervous system
  • Stimulates desire
500 gms :$35
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Baidyanath Ashokarishta


Prevents lack of Libido, Premature, Ejaculation / Sexual Inability.

Alterative, stimulant and astringent.Used in leucorrhoea, haematuria, menorrhagia and other female complaints.
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Baidyanath Chandraprabha Bati


Chandraprabha Bati acts like a nutritive tonic, antacid, laxative, diaphoretic and useful as a diuretic, for albuminuria and renal calculi. It is also indicated in gonorrhoea, pruritis vulva, lumbago and chicken pox.


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Baidyanath Janma Ghunti

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Madiphal Rasayanam


Feel like a Hot Balloon inside your Belly

  • Indigestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Flatulence
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Acidity
  • Burning Sensation

Get Fast and effective relief with Baidyanath Madiphal Rasayanam Effective remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy.


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Baidyanath Surakta


Toxines in the blood erupt as pimple and acne. While lotions and cream act just skindeep, Baidyanath Surakta roots out these skin blemishes by deeply penetrating through blood.

Armed with a battery of highly potent ayurvedic herbs and roots like Anantmool, Ashok Chall, Haritai, Giloy, Manjishta, Neemchaal, Daru Haeidra and Haridra. Surakta server as an alterative, tonic and blood purifier. Surakta tones up the liver and eliminates constipation, there by preventing the formation of Ama (mucus), one of the main causes of blood impurity.

This in turn improves blood circulation, giving a new glow to the skin.


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