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1 tablet per box

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Benefits of Ayurvedic contraceptive pills

  • Helps in preventing unwanted pregnancy
  • Convenient to take and carry
  • Being herbal in nature does not have any side effects like other oral contraceptive pills
  • Beneficial in planning a pregnancy
  • Does not increases weight like others pills do.
  • Does not causes any hormonal disturbances
  • Cheapest Ayurvedic contraceptive available till date
  • GMP certified product
  • One tablet enough for 6 months contraception
  • Helps in regulating the periods making them lighter and manageable
  • Can go ahead with all the pleasures of sex without worrying about pregnancy.
  • Can be used in any age
  • Helpful in reducing acne
  • Helpful in lowering the risk of cancers in females like ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer etc.
  • Helps in recovering from Anemia, fibroadenomas, ectopic pregnancy and PID i.e. pelvic inflammatory disease.
ayurvedic birth control pills

B gap is an Ayurvedic contraceptive pill that is extremely beneficial in preventing the unwanted pregnancy by up to 6 months. This is the first of its kind Ayurvedic herbal contraceptive pill that has shown promising benefits in avoiding pregnancy up to six months.

B gap is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation that is based on ancient knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda. This is a concept that is mentioned in Charak Samhita. This herbal preparation helps in forming the salty layer on the ovum thus does not let sperm to reach the fertilization point. It is also reduces the acidic nature of the female reproductive trat that is essential for sperm to survive hence the sperm becomes incapable to fertilize the ovum.

Ingredients of B GAP Pill

Tinospora cordifolia 10mg – a wonderful herb that is very effective in creating the salty or the alkaline condition in the female genital tract that is unfavorable to the sperm. The sperm is not able to survive in the alkaline condition and loses it capability to fertilize the ovum.

Bambusa arundinacea 10mg – bambusa is an herb that is helpful in coating the ovum with a hard membrane thus inhibiting the sperm from penetrating the cell wall of ovum. The cell coat is so hard that sperm is unable to enter the ovum to fertilize the ovum and pregnancy is not caused.

Chloride of sodium 2mg – this is commonly known as salt. This salt is actually responsible for creating unfavorable condition in the female genital tract thus helps in avoiding pregnancy.

Berberis aristata 10 mg – this herb is a wonderful Ayurvedic herb that is helpful in toning up of the female genital tract.

Ricinus comunis 25mg – this herb is a precious Ayurvedic herb that is helpful in preventing the chances of pregnancy in female body. More over it is also helpful in reducing the pains during menses and normalizes any hormonal disturbance that may occur in body.


This tablet is to be taken empty stomach early morning with normal water. It should not be chewed or broken. Maintain a 2 hour gap of food before and after consumption of this pill. Avoid use of antibiotic during the use of this tablet.

Contraindicationcontraceptive pills

  1. Suspected pregnancy
  2. Vaginal bleeding
  3. Over use of antibiotics.

1 tablet per box

$ 44.00 $ 24.99