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Herbal Eye gel

A world class eye gel that has been a result of extensive result on an herb found in rain forest of south east Asia. The herb is known as Pureria that helps in removal of puffy, baggy and creepy eyes. It is also effective in removal of dark circles and wrinkles making your skin look young and smooth. It not only improves the skin texture but also improves the skin elasticity and resilience to make your face appear attractive and fresh.

Ingredients of herbal eye gel

Pueraria mirificva and the extracts of tropical herbs.

How to use

This is very simple to use. Just apply the herbal eye gel two times a day with the help of your fingers. It should be applied in the clockwise direction around brow bone and under the eye region.


Each packing of herbal eye gel has 15 ml of gel in it.

There has been a clinical study conducted on the herbal eye gel. The study was conducted in various eye hospitals all round the globe to establish the effects of this new researched product. People within age limit of 25 to 75 were the part of this research project. With the regular use of this gel 90 % of the people showed significant production of elastin and collagen fibres. This was reached after the biopsy results.

Eye Gel 15 ml ---- 4 Qty $195