Women's Health

Female is one of the most beautiful creations created by GOD. Females are the carrier of any progeny. Only females can reproduce young ones so that the progeny keep on running. She is delicate, she is soft, she is lovable, she is sensitive but there are certain things that she has to suffer too. One of the most troublesome things that a female has to bear is menstrual cycle. This is a very uncomfortable stage of a woman’s life.  In this stage there are lots of hormonal changes in the body and because of that there is a blood let outside the body.  In this state there is pain in the back and abdomen region due to spasmodic motion of the uterus.

But it has an importance also. Actually this bleeding is due to non fertilization of the ova that is released in a uterus. This unfertilized ova and other structures are evaded by the body. Hence this evacuation of unwanted stuff is essential. As this non needed material is thrown out of the body, her hormones also get normalized. If this menstrual cycle is normal in female, then her body functioning and activity also remains normal but in case of disturbance menses then there are certain complications.

Below are certain conditions that are linked to females regarding the menses problem

  1. Polymenorrhea – menstrual cycle having cycle less than 21 days.
  2. Oligomenorrhea – irregular menses with the duffernce of 8 days.
  3. Amenorrhea – absence of menses
  4. Hypomenorrhea – less menses
  5. Menorrhagia – excessive menstrual bleeding
  6. Dysmenorrhea – painful menses accompanied by cramps.