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Does a woman experience the same sexual arousal as male do? The answer is YES. She also feels the same arousal as the males does.  But it is bit less talked about issues. It has been seen that female libido problems and issues are bit less talked about and no one actually cares. 

Not a single day passes when I encounter a female patient with low libido issues. Female libido issues are a deep concern issues but is taken lightly as females feels shy to talk about this issue. But it is a serious problem. If a female is not able to generate interest in her sex life and her counterpart i.e. a male want to have a sexual encounter with her, this becomes a great issue. More over female also have right to enjoy the pleasure of her body.

Low female libido is commonly known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD in common language. The desire of a female lowers for indulging in a sexual encounter. She is not eagerly exited to be in a state of a male physically. She loses interest in her love and sexual life. A man is generally given have enhancement products and that’s it, he is ready to take her female to the joy ride. But what for women? Is there anything that helps in increasing the sexual desires of a female. Is there any female libido enhancing product.

In men the low sexual desire are easy to treat and also easy to understand. But in females it’s a complex issue. There are so many factors that are involved in deciding the level of female libido. Below are certain causes that are involved in lowering female libido.

Causes of low female libido.

  1. Sexual Problems – if a female experiences pain during sexual act or is unable to achieve orgasm may lead to low sexual drive
  2. Diseases – there might be some medical factors that may also hamper the libido in females. These may be body pains, arthritis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, CAQD i.e. coronary heart disease, depression, neuro problems, cancer etc.
  3. Drug abuse – it has also come to notice that females who are indulged in narcotic activities and drugs also have low sex drive.
  4. Medicines – medication of certain diseases also have side effects on female libido
  5. Alcoholism – alcoholic women also have been seen having low sexual desires.
  6. Surgeries – women who have undergone some surgeries especially of breasts or genital may also suffer from this problem
  7. Tiredness and deficiency – Tiredness that may be caused by deficiency or over work is also another reason that may lead to low sex drive problems
  8. Hormonal changes – This is another contributing factor to the low libido in females. Conditions like menopause, breast feeding, pregnancy may be some conditions in which a female lacks desire to have sex.
  9. Mind issues – If a female is in some kind of mental trauma, she may also suffer from this problem. These conditions can be anxiety, depression, and stress. Poor body appearance, low self esteemed feeling or may be she has some kind of history of child sexual abuse.
  10. Relationship issues – it has been seen that relationship issues also causes this problem. It may not like the sexual mate, fights and un resolved issues, trust.


Market place has been flooded with such products that are said to be female enhancement products. But the actual fact is that these are just worthless. Either they cause hormonal changes or may cause other body disturbances. These also have been seen to increase weight.

Dr. Jyotiraditya after seeing all the aspects of low female libido has created a formulation that will help in enhancing female in her sexual activity. This is an herbal formulation that helps in reviving the lost sexual desires. It makes a female eagerly waiting for sexual encounter making herself and her partner to have pleasure.

Benefits of Heath pack to Increase Female Libido

  1. Normalizes sexual desire interest
  2. Corrects mood swings
  3. Evades irritability
  4. Generates happy feeling in body
  5. Promotes regular sexual desires
  6. Helps in aching orgasm faster
  7. Tightens body
  8. Increases stimulation on the arousal points in females
  9. Relaxes mind and normalizes sleep.
  10. Generate high interest in sexual activities.
  11. Helps in aching satisfaction in mind

There are so many female that have used this herbal heath pack for increasing female libido and archived the desired results. This health pack is created by Dr. Jyotiraditya with his experience and examining the problems faced by females. It also helps in rectifying other female issues like menses disturbances, mood swings and depression. It also helps in generating interest in your male partner to have a wonderful and exciting sexual life. A very reliable and safe herbal product for females of all ages.


Hello, I am Ana from Unites states. For the past few years I has been having less interest in sexual activity. This became the reason in my three breakups. I had lost interest in men and became very cranky. I came across this health pack for increasing libido in females. In just one month of medication I started feeling the difference. My mood swings and irritability was gone. I took this health pack for 4 months and now I have a boy friend and we are getting married soon. This all happened because of the magic of this health pack. I want to thanks Dr. Jyotiraditya fro this wonderful medication.


I want to say that this product for increasing female libido rocks. This product has helped in a lot physically as well as mentally. I am very satisfied with the results and my relationship problem has also resolved. Thanks a lot for making this product.

Ruby, Australia.