Large numbers of persons across the globe suffer from disordered bony tissues, hair fall, cracked nails, knee joint pain, non-healing fractures and osteoporosis etc. Various types of medicines are available in the market for curing these diseases. But all of them do not provide the requisite results. Many of them even lead to adverse impacts rather than giving any relief. That’s where Ayurvedic System of Medicines comes to the help of the sufferers. This particular treatment method first goes into the root causes of the diseases, followed by suggesting suitable medicines prepared with herbal ingredients. The users of these medications are at zero risk.

Asthiposhak Tablets are the pills that are prepared with a focus on the persons that are affected with Asthidhatvagni Mala Vikruti. Those suffering from loss of hair and cracked nails are advised to make use of this herbal medicine. It is useful for pre & post menopausal period.

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