Giloy Benefit and Side Effects

Giloy herb
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500 mg to 1 gram twice daily with warm water.

Many of us are not vary familiar with this miraculous weapon of Ayurveda, the Giloy. Not as well known as its more famous counterpart, Aloe Vera, Giloy herb still has a number of advantages and a few disadvantages. A number of diseases, that have kept researchers and scientists on their feet, can be dealt effectively by consuming the right dosages of Giloy. Appropriately known as Amrita, or the root of immortality in Sanskrit and scientifically classified as Tinospora Cordiflora, this herb has miraculous power to cure tough conditions like rheumatism, diabetes, diabetes and hypoglycemia. We dedicate this write up to the eulogy of Giloy and its uses.

The Giloy benefits

The properties that make Giloy and extremely useful and versatile medicinal plant are aantiarthritic, antipyretic and antihelminthic ones. Another utilization of Giloy is as potent blood purifier. Almost all parts of the Giloy plant have some or the other benefit attached to itself. The stem attends to malice like fever, proneness to acidity, irritation in the eyes and blood impurities. The roots stand in service in case of leprosy, the leaves attend to rheumatism and the fruits help cure rheumatism and jaundice. Giloy uses are varied and versatile. Research suggests that the juice of the Giloy plant can be instrumental in dealing with AIDS virus in a more effective manner. That is Giloybecause it helps the body develop stronger immunity and hence helps fight autoimmune diseases. In adult males, the Giloy herb is successfully used to treat infertilityand testicular lesions that develop as a consequence of radiation therapy. It is one of the best herbs that are prescribed by herbalists for the treatment of mental disorders.

The Giloy side-effects

There is no hideous side-effect that can specifically deter one from switching on to this herb for treatment. Constipation is one of the small considerations that one must make before consuming Giloy in any form. Secondly, pregnant women and those who are feeding their babies need to consult their doctors before pursuing to herbal medication as far as Giloy is considered.