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Calcium is a mineral that plays very important role human body. It is the key ingredient of our bones. It is also required by our muscles to function properly.

Extensive researches done by the team of young and dynamic doctors and scientist lead to the discovery of this potent medicine. It is known as herbal calcium. This herbal calcium is clinically tested and is 100 % safe and natural. This is a unique herbo mineral Ayurvedic preparation helps in slowing down the bone loss and also provides lots of strength to the bones. It is enriched with minerals like calcium, magnesium and most important Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a precursor by which calcium gets absorbed in the body. This herbal calcium is very helpful in those people who are affected by a condition called osteoporosis. The plants an

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Benefits of Herbal calcium

  1. Low calcium levels in body
  2. Bone erosion
  3. Fractures and muscle injuries
  4. Joint swellings and pains
  5. Osteoporosis
  6. Prolonged immobilization of joint.


  1. Joint pains
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Low bone density
  4. Fractures
  5. Surgery
  6. Frequent muscular cramps
  7. Inflammation and joint swellings


Mukta sukti Pishti (Pinctada vulgaris)     : 400 mg  
Amla (Emblica officinalis)                        : 100mg

How to use herbal calcium

Consume 2 tablets twice daily with milk or water or as directed by a physician.

Side effects

There are no known side effects of herbal calcium if consumed in prescribed dosage.