SBL Homeopathy Prostonum Drops

Our urinary tract is responsible for proper urination that helps to flush out the waste material from our physique. However, prostrate, the small gland existing beneath the men’s bladder gets enlarged and is known as benign prostrate hyperplasia, i.e. BPH. It usually occurs in the men that cross fiftieth years of their age. Though not much serious, BPH results in pressure on the bladder that leads to repeated urination, dribbling of urination and other complications. Enlarged prostate may be caused due to hormonal changes in the elder men and it could lead to prostate cancer. Men affected with BPH may suffer from strain on the bladder and urine retention that could cause urinary tract infections, bladder stones, damage to the kidney or incontinence. As such proper and timely treatment in the earlier stages is recommended. Read More