Nixocid Tablets For Acidity, Flatulence

Food is the source of strength for our body. All eatables need to be digested in proper manners for easy absorption of their contents including vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Our digestive system is responsible digesting the food in positive ways. Sometimes constipation, acidity, flatulence, heartburn or heavy stomach etc attack us. Lots of medicines including homeopathic ones are available for such problems.

Contents: SBL Homeopathy Nixocid Tablets have been introduced with a focus on the root causes of digestive disorders. This homeopathic medicine is prepared by mixing the following ingredients:

  1. Carbo vegetabilis     9x
  2. Lycopodium clavatum     3x
  3. Natrum phosphoricum     6x
  4. Robinia pseudacacia     6

Free from any harmful elements; these tablets are quite safe in all respects. The users are at zero risk; whereas they may be affected with side effects with conventional types of medicines.

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