Dabur Trifgol(natural fiber laxative)

Among an endless list of digestive issues faced by people in routine life, the problem of constipation is also common. It is mainly caused due to lack of fibre in the diet as well as lack of physical activity. Even wrong habits may also sometimes result in constipation. At the same time, certain other factors may also be responsible for causing constipation. Although constipation is not a serious or painful condition however it is responsible for causing other health issues. Even constipation may appear as a symptom of some other underlying health problems.

Whatever the reason may be it is very important to get rid of constipation and that too in a natural and safe way so that further health problems may be prevented. That is why renowned company Dabur has presented a wonderful formula called as Dabur Trifgol. It has been prepared from such natural herbs or other ingredients that help in complete cleansing of the digestive system. Read More