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Lakme Pure Defense Detoxifying Facial Wash


With powerful antioxidants, Lakme pure Defense Detoxifying Facial Wash deep cleansers impurities from the outer surface of your skin.

Dilute with a little water and work into a rich, luxurious lather over your face. Work into the skin for a minute before washing off to get squeaky-clean, de-toxified skin, glowing with purity and health.

Pack Size 100gm, $ 20
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Lakme Pure Defense Detoxifying Serum


Specially formulated to truly improve the ability of the Pure Defense System in tackling pollution. This silky serum is excellent for skin that is especially sensitive to pollution or for women with an active and on-the-go lifestyle. With a high concebtration of the Anti Pollution Elixir, this serum works with the Pure Defense Protective Day Lotion and the Restorative Night Creme to give your skin its excellent armoury against pollution. it is gentle enough to use on delicate skin around the eyes region , forehead area and lips.

Take a small coin sized bit of serum and apply it across your face after cleansing with the Detoxifying Facial Wash. The Serum gets absorbed into the skin instantly. Follow through with the Pure Defense Anti Pollution.

Pack Size 40 ml: $ 22
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lakmeLakme Pure Defense Protective Day Lotion


This wonderfully light Protective Day Lotion is armed with the unique Anti Pollution Elixir to Fight and Defend your skin from pollution whole day .

For optimum outcomes smooth your face with this lotion after you've cleansed it with the Detoxifying Facial Wash and applied the Detoxifying Serum. You do not require a another moisturiser as this lotion will hydrate as well as protect your skin across the whole day. Stay for a minute before applying makeup.

Pack Size 75 ml: $ 24
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Lakme Pure Defense Restorative Night Cream


With pure White Tea extracts and a high concentration of ceramides, this magical Night Creme works with the body's rest cycle to restore through hte night. Precious White Tea fends off free radicals whilst Ceramides replenish the skin's own lipids to restore suppleness, hydration and health to your skin.

Smooth on this luxurious creme after using Detoxifying Serum for skin that is velvety soft, and completely rejuvenated.

Pack Size 40 ml: $ 28
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