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Know more about upper back painKnow more about upper back pain Back pain is often ignored by people believing it to be a regular body pain but they don’t take long to discover the terrible repercussions. Back pain is quite common these days since the lifestyle of...

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Home remedies for leucorrhea Home remedies for leucorrhea   Leucorrhea or any type of vaginal discharge is probably not a disease in itself. It is the side-effect of other diseased situations. Discharge from vagina is a common sign of yeast infection that...

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Anti AgeingAnti Ageing Whatever might be the age, there are some proven anti-ageing secrets which can help to make people feel energetic and vibrant and look beautiful and young. Ageing is inevitable, and it a process that we...

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Bottle Guard or Lauki Juice Health BenefitBottle Guard or Lauki Juice Health Benefit Since time immemorial man has been cultivating bottle guard for health purposes. The herb is said to be originated in African continent but is available all through out the world. It is readily grown in...

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Ayurvedic and herbs treatment for dandruff Ayurvedic and herbs treatment for dandruff When the skin cells on the head or scalp die and excessively flake off, it leads to the disorder known as dandruff. Easily visible as snowflakes in the hair, shoulders etc, dandruff also leads to itching...

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Badam Pak

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products, Immune System | Posted on 13-06-2016


Badam PakSuffering from tiredness, reduced memory power, digestive problems or other such disorders that embarrass you? Why not try Badam Pak, the wonderful gift by the Yoga Guru, i.e. Baba Ram Dev Ji.

Gashar Churna

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products | Posted on 04-05-2016


Do you suffer from gastric problems such as gaseousness or flatulence in the stomach more often? Do you wish to get relieved of these problems fast and in a safe manner? Then Divya Gashar Churna is the perfect answer to this problem.

Chandraprabha Vati

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products | Posted on 21-04-2016


Suffering from difficult urination, gonorrhea, syphilis, stones or other such problems related to your urinary tract? No problem. Chandraprabha Vati has been introduced to deal with such disorders that not only create physical problems but also damage the urinary tract.

How to deal with prostate problems

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products, Lifestyle, Men Health | Posted on 10-01-2016


Prostate is the small gland of the male reproductive system that wraps around the urethra near the bladder. Men over fifty years of age usually fall victim to prostate problem including BPH, i.e. benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis etc. Prostate cancer is also quite common amongst large numbers of patients.

Keep anemia at bay with these simple tips

Posted by admin | Posted in Lifestyle | Posted on 25-12-2015


Adequate levels of hemoglobin in the human blood are necessary for distributing oxygen throughout the body. Many persons suffer from anemia, i.e. the low levels of hemoglobin in their blood. It may be due to varied reasons.

How to treat and prevent acne and pimples in a natural manner?

Posted by admin | Posted in Lifestyle | Posted on 31-10-2015


Acne and pimples refer to the appearance of protrusions on the skin. These are filled with wastes, oils or such other harmful toxins that are produced due to varying reasons. Whatever the reason may be appearance of acne and pimples results in adverse effect on the overall beauty of the face. This problem is more commonly found in teenagers, youngsters as well as women due to various changes taking place in their bodies at different stages of life.

Bahera Benefits

Posted by admin | Posted in Herbal Remedies | Posted on 20-08-2015


Bahera is a magical herb that is apt in the treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders relevant to almost all the body parts and organs. It helps in offering complete nourishment to all the body parts and organs to ensure their normal and most optimal functions. This wonderful herb is also known by the names Terminalia bellericais and Bibhitaki. The literal meaning of these terms is one that helps in making a person completely fearless. Due to its efficiency in promoting overall body health, Baahera fruit is used for various medicinal purposes. The pulp of this fruit is quite advantageous for the eyes, hairs and throat.

Amenorrhoea, Absence of Menstruation

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Disease, Women Health | Posted on 25-07-2015


Menstruation is a natural physical process as far as women are concerned. Usually all of them menstruate at certain periods. However few of the females miss menstrual periods once or more times. Women that miss three menstrual periods continuously are said to suffer from Amenorrhea, i.e. absence of menstruation. Amenorrhea (uh-men-o-REE-uh) may be caused due to certain causes. Pregnancy may be the cause of this problem that usually occurs due to disordered reproductive organs. Any problem in the glands that regulate hormone levels may also be responsible for this disorder.

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Disease | Posted on 20-07-2015


Attention-Deficit-HyperactiMany persons in this world suffer from forgetfulness, restlessness, lack of focus and inattentiveness. They often get distracted and are unable to complete their tasks. They are in the habit of switching over to other things that they think to be more enjoyable. They do not respond to others in positive manners.


Posted by admin | Posted in Lifestyle | Posted on 14-07-2015


Bhumyamalaki which is also called as Phyllanthus niruri or chamber bitter in botanical science is to treat different types of health issues related to different parts and organs of the body. It is equally beneficial for digestive system, genital parts of women, liver, blood disorders, skin etc.

Blood in Urine

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Disease, Health Products | Posted on 29-06-2015


Many a times we suffer from blood that comes in our urine. This serious problem may be caused due to many reasons including inflammation and other problems that create inconvenience and harm to the urinary tract.

Bitter Melon for Blood Sugar

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products | Posted on 17-05-2015


Bitter Melon Diabetes CapsulesBlood sugar or diabetes which is a common problem that is being faced by large numbers of people across the globe is a problem relevant to the pancreatic cells of the thyroid gland. Under this condition, the level of blood sugar rises beyond normal limits due to non-working of the insulin hormone or lesser secretion of the same by the pancreatic beta cells. Consequently, the sugar or glucose present in the blood is not converted into energy required for various physical and other functions relevant to the body. This in turn results in general body weakness, feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, dizziness or faintness and such other problems. Since high blood sugar or diabetes may prove to be fatal at times therefore it is quite important to use some safe and herbal formulas to get rid of this health problem.

Shallaki (boswellia serrata)

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products, Herbal Remedies | Posted on 12-05-2015


Many persons are seen suffering from painful sensations in their joints and other parts of the body. Shallaki, known as Salai Guggulu too has proved its worth for the benefit of the persons that are affected with joint pains and related problems. Approx three to five feet in its height, Shallaki plant has small leaves that resemble with that of the neem. The reddish green trunk of this major herbal plant bears white flowers that are useful in preparing various medicines for different diseases. Same is true with its resin that is also useful for different ailments. Grown mostly in the Western India, Shallaki has become much popular amongst the Ayurvedic System of Medicine.

Arjuna…Heart Health

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products | Posted on 07-05-2015


Undoubtedly, heart is one of the most important organs of the human body due to the reason that it helps in supplying all the essential nutrients along with blood to the entire body. Along with blood, oxygen is also supplied to the body so that the human body may keep on working normally and most optimally. But some people suffer from numerous heart issues due to the reason that they don’t take proper diet and also lead an inactive lifestyle.

Acidity support

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Disease | Posted on 23-04-2015


We more often suffer from the problem of stomach acidity. It may be due to multiple reasons such as intake of highly spicy foods, intake of highly sour, acidic, hot or penetrating foods. Even some other problems such as certain digestive diseases or disorders may also be responsible for causing acidity in the stomach. It is mainly caused due to excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid from the digestive enzymes which in turn lead to acidity. It is characterized by multiple symptoms including heartburn, chest pain, abdominal pain, heaviness in the abdomen and feeling of inflammation in the stomach.

Garcinia control Lipids Profile – General Health Tonic

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products, Herbal Remedies | Posted on 26-03-2015


Known by other names, i.e. Malabar Tamarind, Brindall Berry, Chikana Red Mango and Mangosteen; Garcinia is found mostly in the high ranges of Western India. It is native to South Asian regions too. This herb is of great importance for preparation of different medicines and preparation of food too. Enriched with the acids, Garcinia is useful for bowel disorders and lipids. With the contents of citrine, this herb helps in energizing the body and inhibiting lipogenesis. It is a tonic to control cholesterol levels and fatty acids. Levels of glycogen in the liver are also maintained with even use of Garcinia that is rich in Hydroxy Citric Acid.

Male impotence

Posted by admin | Posted in Men Health Care | Posted on 09-03-2015


Male impotence means inability of the men to take active part in the process of reproduction. It is also referred to as infertility in men. It may be caused due to any reasons such as low quality and quantity of sperms in male semen. Apart from this, problems in carrying out sexual activity in an apt and most effective manner may also be responsible for this problem.

Hair Loss Cream Review – Hair Growth Tips

Posted by admin | Posted in Hair Loss Treatment, Health Products, Lifestyle | Posted on 04-03-2015


healthy-hair-vitaminsWe see many people that suffer from problematic hair. Such disorders include hair loss that may affect due to deficient nutrients, genetic factors, seasonal changes or other such reasons that result in hair loss. These problems affect them psychologically and also put adverse effects upon their appearance apart from weakening the scalp too. Ordinary people usually laugh at such sufferers.

Gokshuradi Guggulu

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products, Herbal Remedies, Lifestyle | Posted on 27-02-2015


herbMany persons are seen suffering from disorders in their urinary tract. Different types of medicines are available but few of the allopathic ones result in adverse effects. A perfect blend of different ayurvedic herbs; Gokshuradi Guggulu provides quick and permanent relief from the urinary problems. Prostate health can also be managed well with its even use. Gokshuradi Guggulu helps to stay away from toxins in the urinary system

Holy Basil Reviews – Stress Relief Natural Treatment

Posted by admin | Posted in Health Products, Herbal Remedies | Posted on 24-02-2015


A member of the mint or Labiatae, family, Holy Basil has been in use since so many centuries. Popularly known as Tulasi, this sacred herb has great significance in the Hindu religion. Similar to Ocimum basilicum, it   facilitates essential oil that facilitates strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Holy Basil supports detoxification and normal cell growth of the lungs, breast, colon and skin. This herb has become a way of life for many families in India that use its leaves for religious ceremonies and different diseases too.