Arjuna – Best herb for any heart disease

heart-carePoor heart condition has developed a frequency that surpasses even common cough and cold in today’s era. Irrespective of age, sex and geography, cardiac arrests claim huge number of lives every year. The number of deaths because of congestive heart failure, or heart arrest due to extensive artery blockage. Bypass surgery is away out to deal with this problem but all kinds of surgeries have their brunt on the overall health of a person, financially, physically and psychologically. Hence, it is always a better solution to look up to Ayurveda to cure cardiac disorders. Arjuna has been an ancient and effective cure for congestive heart arrests and artery blockages. Here, we list down how Arjuna helps check heart problems.


What makes Arjuna beneficial for heart problems?

  • Arjuna is actually a tree that lives for over 500 years. It has been described in the Ayurvedic scriptures to be a magic tree. While its leaves find other uses, the Arjuna bark can be used to treat heart ailments.
  • The bark contains classes of compounds like sapponins and glycerides that help in clearing up the cholesterol in the arteries. It also contains an agent called Coenzyme Q-10. It functions as a catalyst in many chemical reactions in the heart tissues and thus makes them strong. The stronger the cardiac tissue, the better is the blood circulation throughout the body.
  • It is also a rich source of minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper and calcium. All these minerals are indispensable for the heart to function properly. Hence, regular use of the Arjuna bark can reduce heart ailments to a great extent.
  • The Arjuna bark also contains antioxidants. These antioxidants help in the proper destruction of free radicals in the cardiac muscles and promise a longer and healthier life.


How Arjuna Bark should be used for best results?

  • The best way to use the bark is to pound it till it releases a butter juice. This juice is to be mixed with 2 teaspoonfuls of Amla juice and consumed regularly. While the Arjuna bark juice takes care of heart conditions and blocked arteries, Amla, being a wonderful source of Vitamin C, increases the immunity of the body to a huge extent and acts as an antioxidant. This keeps the overall health condition stable and good.
  • The bark juice can also be mixed with cold milk or honey to do away with its bitterness.
  • Arjuna bark can be fermented under hot conditions and then the juice extracted out. This makes the digestion and assimilation an easier process for those who are weak at their stomach.
  • The Arjuna tea is another way to consume Arjuna for a better and healthier heart.


Research speaks

It has become a scientifically well accepted fact now, that Arjuna can be beneficial to the heart. It is known to bring down the level of Low Density Cholesterol drastically in the blood and arteries. The antioxidifying action and the soothing effect of Arjuna helps heal the heart tissues and promises a stronger heart. Even those, who are not affected by congestive heart disorders in the present, can use Arjuna to maintain a good heart condition.