Ayurvedic and herbs treatment for dandruff

When the skin cells on the head or scalp die and excessively flake off, it leads to the disorder known as dandruff. Easily visible as snowflakes in the hair, shoulders etc, dandruff also leads to itching on the scalp making it embarrassing and irritating people afflicted with it. This itchiness may be mild for some and severe for others depending on its amount on the scalp. Although, it’s usually found on the scalp, it may be present on the forehead, eyebrows and ears also. This disorder has been indicated as yeast pityrosporum ovale’s infection by some doctors. However, there are some results that also prove its occurrence due to the agitated sebaceous glands of scalp. With the help some useful herbal remedies, dandruff can be cured-

  • Fenugreek, also known as trigonella foenum graecum has seeds that have healing powers to lessen dandruff. They are made softer in water and then applied on scalp every morning. They must be washed after an hour only with soap nut in order to keep dandruff away.
  • Alfalfa, also known as medicago satina has extraordinary effects for the hair growth. Further, to enhance its effects, it must be combined with lettuce and carrots.
  • Rosemary is also known as an active component of various shampoos and head tonics. Also known as rosmarinus officinalis, it revitalizes the scalp by making it moist and thus prevents dandruff.
  • Ash ground has seeds and peel that are highly effective in curing dandruff. Its regular usage can maintain the moist of the scalp preventing dandruff and make it livelier.
  • Juice of Cannabis sativa or Indian hemp also reduces dandruff when applied over the scalp directly.

Besides usage of these herbs, certain ayurvedic cures can also prove to be effective-

  • Brihat Haridra Khand has powerful dandruff healing properties. Consume its one teaspoon with one glass of milk two times in a day to cure dandruff. It also deepens the hair color.
  • Dudurpatradi Tailam is also a great substance to use as an external application remedy for dandruff.
  • Because dandruff is also supposed to happen due to blood impurity, so taking medicines to purify it can also be done. Saribadyaasavam and Khadirarishta can be taken for purifying blood.
  • Taking Gandhaka Rasayana as an internal medication to treat dandruff cam also be taken.

Other than applying and consuming the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines, one must follow certain dietary guidelines also. This includes avoiding sea foods, milk, fatty foods, dairy products and animal proteins. Fresh fruits and green vegetables are a must have to get excellent effects for treating dandruff. Other than the above mentioned avoidable foods, vitamin C should also not be consumed because of its sour tasting food properties. Thus lemons, tomatoes, tamarind and oranges should not be eaten because they have acidic content. Other than these, baked products and fermented foods should also not be taken, which include wine, breads, all sorts of alcohol and cheese.  Another supposed cause of dandruff is stress also. Thus, it is suggested to keep away from unnecessary tensions by incorporating yoga in your daily routine, helping yourself stay away from dandruff disorder as well.

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