Know more about upper back pain

Back pain is often ignored by people believing it to be a regular body pain but they don’t take long to discover the terrible repercussions. Back pain is quite common these days since the lifestyle of people have changed a lot. Back pain commonly is a result of spinal herniation and degeneration of discs. At times spondylosis also leads to back pain.

Causes of upper back pain

Upper back is meant to protect important organs and spread the body weight between the head and the lower portion of the body. The main reason of having upper back pain is poor posture. Mostly people who work on computers for long time suffer from this type of pain. Sometimes out of fatigue people start sitting in wrong postures leading to upper backache.

Weak muscles also lead to upper backache. If muscles connecting the shoulders over a period of time become weak then it causes back problem. Back muscles are meant for activities that require pulling but today people no longer engage themselves in such activities, so these muscles become weaker resulting in upper backache.

Obesity also leads to upper backache. Pain occurs when the spine carries the excess body weight over a long period of time forcing spine to absorb the burden. This results in stress on the spinal cord causing back problems.

Upper backache can also result from a few diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.  Osteoporosis makes bones weak and delicate leading to weakening of the upper back structure which in turn results in excruciating pain and uneasiness. Squeezed nerves and veins also cause upper backache.

Involving in activities which require excessive use of muscles like sports can also cause upper backache. Injured or twisted muscles result in pain when you are either inactive or you are active. Your upper body movement is hampered if the intervertebral disc swells out due to injuries causing upper backache.

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Ways to cure upper back pain

  • If pain suddenly arises then take rest. Sometimes such pain occurs due to sitting or doing extremely laborious work for hours at a stretch. So try not to put stress on your back muscles since it can lead to injuries also.
  • If the pain persists for some days then go for heating pads and ice packs. Application of the ice on the affected area lessens pain. When pain subsides after ice treatment then to raise the stream of blood, heating pads can be used resulting in healing of injury but make sure that the application in this treatment should not increase beyond 20 minutes.
  • Upper backache can be reduced by taking anti inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen but consult a physician before taking it. These drugs subside back pain.
  • Stretching exercises like Pilates and swimming help in strengthening of spine and enhance mobility. Walk or exercise at least for 20 minutes every day. Yoga is also very effective in reducing backache. It not only strengthens your muscles and joints but also relaxes your mind.
  • Acupuncture is quite a popular way among people to lessen upper back pain. Insertion of needles on the pressure points of skin relieves pain.

These are all good ways to get relief from such issues and you may also know the causes and the ways to cure it.