Thigh Exercises for Women: To Help Burn the Thigh Fat

Everyone needs regular exercise to build and maintain healthy body and bones. Women often strive to seek flat tummy, well toned thighs and butt. No one likes to see bulging love handles or excess cellulite which could refrain them from wearing their favorite dressings. Where vast majority of women spend their lives striving on low-calorie or fruit diet, opting for targeted exercises is a smart move to get rid of fatty areas.

Women are always on the look to find ways to get slim hips and thighs. Fat deposition on hips and thighs is so difficult to get rid of. Where at times the fat depositions can be related to the genes, there are other factors like stress, overeating, and faulty food habits that lead to excess cellulite. Thankfully, there are ways to effectively deal with problem areas. In order to slim your thighs, you can benefit from the following Thigh Exercises for Women:

  1. Seated Pillow Squeeze: This works to tone up the inner thighs. Sit on a strong chair which does not have any wheels. You need to rest your feet on the floor with a 90-degree bent of your knees. You can then place a pillow in between your thighs. Squeeze the pillow placed with your thighs and exhale. Hold the squeezing action for one minute and breathe normally.
  2. Seated Bridge: It works great for the muscles on the back of the thighs. You will need to sit at the edge of a strong chair with armrests. Rest your feel firmly on the floor with knees bent at 90-degrees. Rest your palms on the side of the chair at the armrests. Lift your hips and exhale. Allow your palms and feet to support your body weight. Lift your hips further until the body resembles the shape of a bridge. Hold it up to one minute and breathe normally throughout. You can repeat as tolerated.
  3. Single-Arm and Single-Leg Reach:  This is a perfect move in which you need not have any gear to target the fat of your thighs or buns. You need to stand on your left leg and raise the arm in the front. Then lower the torso lifting your right leg behind until the position becomes parallel to the floor. Contract your hamstrings to stand again. You can change sides to repeat as per tolerance. It helps to give a good stretch to the hamstrings despite strengthening them.
  4. Hip External Rotation with face down: This exercise will burn the fat on your thighs pretty quick. Lie with your face down and your arms under your head. Let your legs extend straight behind you. Bend your right leg with knee pointing out and placing your foot on the back of the knee. This should be done keeping both the hips on the floor. Now, without raising your hip, contract your right butt and lift the right knee few inches above the floor. Give this a pause to return to starting position. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Band Walk: Take a mini-band and place both legs between it. Position the band below the knees. Take small steps to your right up to 20 feet and side steps to left up to 20 feet. This will complete one set. You can repeat at your ease.  Bank Walk will tone up your thigh muscles and will help you fight fat.

In addition to the above, you can also do dumbbell lunge, dumbbell straight-leg lift, Swiss-ball back extension, and stepping up with dumbbell. These exercises are aimed to tone up and burn the fat from the thighs. They work on hamstrings and gluts. These exercises will make up your personalized thigh workout to help you to win the battle against the thigh bulges.