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Union of male and female partners in terms of sexual relations result in the reproduction of babies or young ones of their own kind. When any of the two genes in a male sperm reach the female ovaries and come in contact with one of the two genes in the female eggs then the process of reproduction takes place. This is normal for all couples who get engaged in unprotected sexual act for long time. Due to certain problems in the male reproductive system, some men may not be able to accomplish this task well. It means they are unable to take part in the process of reproduction in a normal and active way. This condition is called as male infertility or impotency.

Why do men suffer from infertility?

Like women suffer from infertility owing to malfunctioning of any of the parts or organs of the reproductive system similarly men are also prone to suffer from this condition. This condition may arise due to low sperm count, low sperm motility, male sexual disorders or certain other problems. Even sometimes genetic factors may also lead to male infertility. Nutritional deficiencies in the diet and wrong habits may also lead to male impotency or male infertility. It is really a distressing condition for such males who wish to have children from their female sexual partners.

How to deal with the problem of male infertility?

Male infertility can be dealt with in an apt way using some medicines or other treatment options. It depends upon the causative factors behind male infertility. The medicines or other treatment options are used in correspondence with the causes responsible for infertility in men. Mostly people wish to get rid of this problem rapidly so that they may contribute towards reproduction. For this, they may even take such medicines that may cause harm to their bodies in the long run. But it is not at all advisable. It is best to opt for some safe and long lasting treatment option.

Damiagra Drops

Damiagra Drops is an excellent homeopathic product that helps men to be healthy in all respects as far as reproductive and sexual health is concerned. It is a superb presentation by the SBL group that aims at making men fertile and sexually active. It is a very good treatment option for low sperm count. It helps in improving sperm count in men so that they may be able to take active part in the reproductive activity. It can be used to treat and prevent the problem of erectile dysfunction suffered by men. It helps in correction of this problem in an excellent way so that men may enjoy sexually activity fully well. It is in fact one of the best erectile dysfunction remedies found in the homeopathic medicine world. SBL homeopathy Damiagra drops may even be used to improve sperm motility. As a result, male sperms reach the female eggs without experiencing any problems for successful fertilization of the same.

What it contains?

Damiagra Drops contains numbers of herbal or naturally occurring ingredients. The major active constituents of this homeopathic medicine are Damiana, Lycopodium Clavatum, Agnus Castus, Acidum phosphoricum, Yohimbinum, Caladium seguinum and Selenium. All these are helpful in improving the functions related to the sexual as well as reproductive systems.

What is the dosage?

In most of the cases, 15-20 drops of this homeopathic medicine are advised to be taken 3-4 times per day.

How to use?

It is to be taken by mixing in ¼ cup water. The medicine need to be used on regular basis to have the desired results.

What is there in a bottle?

A bottle of Damiagra drops contains 30ml of the liquid.

What are the major uses?

  1. Damiagra Drops are helpful in getting rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is an apt medicine that helps men to normalize the functions related to the sex organs.
  2. It allows men to enjoy the sexual act in the most excellent manner possible. It is due to enhancement in sexual desire and sexual stamina.
  3. Men are able to give their best performance in the bed as they are able achieve harder and stronger erections. This is vital to ensuring attainment of complete sexual pleasure.
  4. It helps men to gain confidence so that they may get rid of stress, anxiety, tension and depression that is felt during intercourse due to low confidence or complete absence of the same.
  5. It helps men to get rid of infertility by management of the concerned health issues. It helps in improving sperm count in male semen for proper fertilization of eggs in the female ovaries.
  6. It enhances physical attraction and sensuality in men by regulation of the hormones responsible for sex.
  7. Also it stimulates secretion of hormones responsible for the process of reproduction. This in turn ensures normal reproductive activity.
  8. It is best recommended for premature ejaculation, loss of libido or loss of confidence in men.

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