Can piles be treated in a safe way with Arshkalp Vati Ramdev medicine?



The world of healthcare is full of such medicines and treatment options that claim to offer an effective relief from the problem of piles. However, all the medicines and treatment options may not come up to their claims well. In this respect, Divya Arshkalp Vati that is also popularly called as Ramdev medicine for piles proves to be quite effective and useful. It is because this medicine has been prepared from the selected herbs found in the nature. Thus it helps in successful and most effective management of this problem in an excellent way. The pain caused due to occurrence of piles in the anal region is soothed down.

Divya Arshkalp Vati also helps in relieving other symptoms of piles. These may include stiffness, redness and swelling in the ano-rectal region. It is done by reducing and then completely eliminating the engorgement of veins in the anus region. By using this wonderful herbal preparation, the patients may enjoy overall good health of the digestive system. This medicine attacks at the root cause of piles- constipation. By eradication of this problem, it helps in reducing straining on the anus. This in turn offers considerable relief to the patients.

Suggested natural remedies for piles management

Evidently, natural remedies help to great extent in piles management. Thus you may opt for certain remedies to keep this problem at bay.

  • You must take lots of fibre rich foods such as chickpeas, pinto beans, or kidney beans, whole fruits, whole grains etc. It helps in prevention of constipation and in turn piles too. The stools are softened which in turn aids in easy removal of the same from the body.
  • Psyllium may be consumed to regulate bowel movements and say no to the problem of piles.
  • Oranges and lemons must be used regularly as these are rich sources of flavonouds. The veins are stabilized and strengthened with the use of such fruits. The inflammation is also reduced considerably with the use of fruits rich in flavonoids.
  • In order to reduce the bleeding and discomfort caused due to piles in the anal region, the compress prepared from Witch Hazel may be applied topically. Even you may use readymade ointments available in the market that are based on witch hazel. The astringent action of this herb helps in reducing bleeding and other symptoms of this painful condition.

Efficiency of yoga in piles treatment and prevention

Unquestionably, yoga has solution for almost all types of problems suffered by the human body. Same holds true for piles as well. The working mechanism of yoga in piles management is quite simple. Its aim is to improve blood flow to the digestive system and the anal. Also bowel movements are regulated and the practitioner becomes able to clear the bowels very easily. In simple words, constipation is totally prevented. This in turn helps in keeping the problem of piles at bay. The improvement in abdominal muscles due to yoga poses helps in relieving the problems created in this important body system. Various yoga poses suggestible for piles are Sarvangasana, Bhujungasana, Halasana, Jalneti, Kapalbhati, and Pranayama.



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