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Sometimes we feel extreme physical weakness, tiredness and exhaustion. Most people suffer from physical weakness and exhaustion after hard work or continuous physical activity which is relieved after taking proper rest. But when this condition persists for long time then it is really a matter of worry. It is an indicative of some underlying health issues that may ultimately lead to extreme physical weakness. It may be suffered by people of the two genders equally well. Such a condition may even result in decreased performance as far as accomplishment of routine tasks is concerned. In some cases, weak immunity is also a causative factor for such problems. It is because low immunity means lesser resistance to the infectious diseases which in turn leads to deterioration of overall health of the sufferer.

What are fatigue, exhaustion and weakness?

As per medical science, exhaustion or tiredness is a state of the body when a person is unable to do any more physical or mental tasks. Such a condition fades away after taking proper rest or after good night’s sleep. Fatigue and weakness are the states of the body when there is constant feeling of tiredness, exhaustion and inability to perform any tasks in an effective way. Such a condition starts interfering with routine tasks as the sufferer is unable to carry out even the minor activities of life in an efficient manner. In such a condition, immediate medical attention is quite important and necessary.

What is the solution?

Generally, some health tonics or such other revitalizing medicines are administered to the patients. It is done so as to supply all the essential nutrients to the entire body. Even sometimes supplements are given so as to compensate for any nutritional deficiencies. Also exact cause of weakness, tiredness and exhaustion is diagnosed and possible curative measures are taken. Generally, people prefer taking such medicines or drugs that offer fast results. But it is advisable to stick to such medicines or treatment options that are able to offer long lasting relief and results.

Divya Ashwshila capsule

Divya Ashwshila capsule is an excellent product that has been prepared by Swami Ramdev Ji and his team of experts. It is an apt treatment of fatigue. People suffering from feelings of fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion may use this herbal product so as to get rid of the same. It can be used to get rid of and prevent recurrence of weakness and fatigue in the human body. It is also a very good immune boosting agent for the entire body. It means this product can be used to get rid of weak immunity or low body immunity. It aids in improving natural body immunity so as to enhance body’s natural capacity to fight off infectious diseases. It is also an excellent PE cure form men. Those suffering from PE or premature ejaculation may use this product and get rid of this problem.

What it contains?

As the name suggests, Divya Ashwshila capsule has been prepared from a blend of Ashwagandha and Shilajit. Both these are useful in improving body’s natural strength as well as the sexual capacity in the users.

Recommended dosage

It is advised to take 1-2 capsules of this herbal medicine twice in day in the morning and evening following meals.

How to use?

It is best to use this product along with milk. It may even be taken with water as per one’s choice.

What is there in a pack?

There are 20 capsules in a pack.

What are the chief benefits?

  1. Divya Ashwshila capsules are quite helpful in the management of the problem of physical weakness, tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue.
  2. It is also useful in case of sexual weakness experienced by men. You may get rid of sexual weakness caused due to any reasons with the help of this wonderful herbal product.
  3. It is also useful in case of male and female infertility. It helps in improving fertile capacity in both the genders. Men and women may become able to reproduce with the use of this amazing herbal remedy.
  4. It is a very good source of nourishment for the entire body. Hence it optimizes all the functions related to the various parts, organs and systems of the body.
  5. Even sexual disorders may be managed in an excellent and natural way using Divya Ashwshila capsules. It can be used to correct any of the disorders related to the sexual and reproductive systems of the body.
  6. It is even useful for those who suffer from lack of sexual desire or low sex drive. The aphrodisiac properties contained in this herbal formula help in increasing sexual desire in the users.
  7. The physical, mental and sexual stamina and vigour in the users is improved to considerable extent. As a result of this action, the users are able to perform the functions or tasks related to all these aspects of the body in an effective manner.

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