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Undeniably, menstrual cycles are as important for any woman as other processes going in the body. It is because one of the foremost and most important phenomenon i.e. reproduction in the life of woman takes place due to menstrual cycles only. There is direct link between the menstrual cycles and the reproductive activity. That is why most women need to have normal and regular menstrual cycles at least till they bear children. Also it is important from point of view of overall well-being of women. Disturbance in menstrual cycles has a direct negative impact on the overall body health of women. But some women suffer from abnormal or irregular menstrual cycles owing to certain reasons.

What are irregular or abnormal menstrual cycles?

As stated above, women may suffer from numerous issues related to their menstrual cycles. Out of these irregularity as well as abnormality of menstrual cycles are among the major and most common issues suffered by large numbers of women. Irregularity of menstrual cycles is a condition wherein women do not have regular periods at requisite dates each month. It may be due to disturbance in the normal hormonal balance in the body or due to certain other triggering factors.

Abnormality of menstrual cycles is a condition under which women experience great difficulty during menstruation each month. There may be abdominal pain, pain in the legs, back, headaches, feelings of nausea, vomiting and upset stomach. Again it may be due to improper functions of the hormones in the body. Some other diseases or disorders related to the sexual or reproductive systems or even certain other body parts and organs may be responsible for such issues.

What is the solution?

Evidently, women suffering from abnormal or irregular menstruation need to take some medicines or opt for some other treatment options so as to regulate hormonal balance in the body. Also it is vital to normalize the functions related to the sexual and reproductive systems in the women’s bodies. Mostly, artificial hormones are supplied to the body so that women suffering from such issues may get rid of their respective problems.

Divya Rajahpravartani Vati for menstruation

Among various medicines or products available in the market for irregular or abnormal menstruation, Divya Rajahpravartani Vati stands distinct. It is an herbal product that helps in regulation of the menstrual cycles in women. It is an excellent cure for irregular menstrual cycle.  It is in fact an excellent menstruation herbal treatment that may be used by women so as to enjoy overall health in a safe manner. It can be used to normalize abnormal menstrual cycle in women that may be caused due to any reasons. All the signs and symptoms associated with abnormal or irregular menstrual cycles are also got ridden of so that women may be relieved to considerable extent.

What it contains?

Divya Rajahpravartani Vati is rich in multiple herbal ingredients as mentioned hereunder.

  • Soya ke Beej
  • Gajar (carrot) ke beej
  • Ulthkambal
  • Bans (Bamboo) ki jaadh
  • Shudh tankan
  • Shudh Hingh

All these are useful in getting rid of different types of gynaecological issues experienced by women during various stages of life and especially those related to the menstrual cycles.

Recommended dosage

For most of the menstrual problems, it is advised to take one tablet of this wonderful herbal remedy two times in a day one week prior to menstrual cycles.

How to use?

It is to be taken with lukewarm water for most excellent outcomes.

What are the health benefits?

  • Divya Rajahpravartani Vati is an apt and complete cure for most of the issues related to the menstrual cycles in women. It helps in management of various problems experienced by women during menstruation so that they may have problem-free periods.
  • The menstrual cycles are regulated so that women may have periods as per schedule.
  • It also helps in maintaining normal balance amid various hormones responsible for menstruation. This in turn regulates as well as normalizes the menstrual periods.
  • Any types of abnormalities in the monthly periods are eliminated. This in turn offers great relief to the sufferer.
  • Severe pain in the abdomen as well as pelvic region that is commonly experienced by all women during menstrual cycles is got ridden of. Also it helps in further prevention of the same.
  • Feelings of nausea and vomiting are also got ridden of.
  • Any types of disturbances in the digestive system during menstrual cycles are also set alright.
  • Extreme physical weakness, tiredness and exhaustion experienced by women during menstruation are also managed in an effective way.
  • It also helps in controlling excessive bleeding. Also it manages the problem of anaemia caused due to excessive bleeding.
  • Various types of menstrual disorders such as menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoeal, amenorrhea or any other menstrual difficulties are also managed well.

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