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Have you ever wondered what is most important for a woman? Perhaps it is beauty, health, normal menstruation and above all the fertile capacity or what is commonly called as the capacity to reproduce young ones of their own kind. It is because the constitution and functions of the women’s body are such by nature that they have the capacity to reproduce. They are able to conceive and bear children via the process of sexual intercourse that takes place amid people of opposite sexes or genders. Normally most women reproduce through this process however some women are unable to take active part in this important process. This condition is then referred to as infertility.

What is infertility?

Infertility is a condition relevant to the fairer sex under which women are unable to take active part in the process of reproduction. Medically, infertile women are unable to conceive and bear children. It is due to the reason that ovulation of eggs in female uterus doesn’t take place. Even sometimes there is absence of eggs in the female reproductive system. There are numerous reasons that may be held responsible for infertility. It is really a matter of worry for any woman as reproduction is necessary from point of continuation of the progeny. At the same time, it is also important from emotional point of view as well as for successful married life of the two partners.

What is the solution?

Women need to have proper diagnosis of their problem and detect the root cause behind infertility. They need to get proper treatment so as to improve their fertile capacity. At the same time, it is equally important that women should opt for some safe treatment option so as to assure safety of their overall health.

Divya Shivlingi Seed

As stated above, it is very much important to use some safe treatment option for female infertility treatment. Divya Shivlingi Seed is one such product that is quite useful in management of female infertility. It has been prepared from some of the most excellent herbs or other natural components found in the nature that is helpful in increasing the capacity of the reproductive system. It is also a very good irregular menstruation cure for women. Hence women may use this product to get rid of abnormalities or irregularities in their menstrual cycles.

What it contains?

Divya Shivlingi Seed is rich in an herb called as Bryonia laciniosa. Due to presence of numerous medicinal properties in this herb it is used in various types of gynaecological issues experienced by women.


One teaspoon of powdered form of Divya Shivlingi Seed along with one teaspoon of powdered form of Divya Putrajeevak seed is to be taken per day.

How to use?

The fine powdered blend of both Putrajevak & Shivlingi seed is to be taken with cow’s milk two times in a day. It is to be taken at least one hour before meals in the morning and evening.

What are the chief advantages of Divya Shivlingi Seed?

  • Divya Shivlingi Seed is one among the superb remedies for female infertility treatment. It helps in management of this problem in the most excellent manner possible so that women may be able to reproduce.
  • It is a wonderful herbal remedy that can be used in an effective way for the sterility treatment.
  • It helps in normalizing and regulation of the functions related to the sexual and reproductive parts and organs in women.
  • Also normal hormonal balance amid various sexual and reproductive organs is maintained in the women’s body. This in turn helps in keeping numerous reproductive issues at bay.
  • Divya Shivlingi Seed is also an appropriate remedy for various types of menstrual disorders suffered by women. It can be used equally and effectively in the management of menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoeal and other disorders related to the menstrual cycles.
  • Women suffering from low sexual desire or lack of sexual lust may also use this amazing herbal remedy. It helps in improving sexual desire in women due to aphrodisiac action exhibited by the herb contained in this superb herbal remedy.
  • It is even useful in boosting up physical as well as sexual stamina in women in a natural manner. As a consequent of this, women are able to take active part in the sexual intercourse as well as process of reproduction.
  • It acts as a very good tonic for the entire body of women. All the parts, organs and systems of women’s body are nurtured with all the essential nutrients with the use of this ayurvedic formulation presented by the Patanjali pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji.
  • The entire body of women is re-energized with the use of this herbal formula so that they may get engaged in the sexual activity as well as the process of reproduction in a natural way.

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