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It has rightly been said that women are quite complex as far as their physical constitution as well as nature is concerned. There are various processes and changes through which women have to pass so as to retain normal body functions. Also it is important from point of view of good health and normal functions of the entire body of women. Among various processes or physical changes taking place in the women’s body menopause is also quite important.

What is menopause?

As the name suggests, menopause is a process that takes place in the body of women. It is a stage of life when menstrual cycles in women’s body come to an end. It means the menstrual cycles terminate completely. With this, the reproductive capacity of women also becomes nil. It means women are unable to reproduce once they reach and pass through the menopausal stage. Like menstrual cycles, menopause is also an essential phenomenon in the lifecycle of women. Although it is bit discomforting for women however it is an important and vital phenomenon in the women’s life as per medical science. Some women experience great difficulty or discomfort while passing through the stage of menopause.

What is the solution?

As stated above, menopause is an essential phenomenon in the lifecycle of women. It means every woman has to pass through this stage of life. What is more important is that women may pass through this stage in an easy and pain-free manner. It means they need to get rid of all the symptoms and discomforts associated with this condition. For this, they need to use some medicines or products that may help them to enjoy overall well-being physically as well as mentally during menopause.

Evanova for menopause pain relief

Evanova is an excellent herbal product that may be used by such women who are reaching towards menopause or passing through it. Evanova is a perfect way for menopause pain relief. It helps in offering great relief from pain and other discomforts associated with this stage of life. Evanova is in fact a one-stop solution for almost all types of menopause problems. It means this product may be used by women to get through this stage in an easy and pain-free manner. it relieves all the symptoms associated with menopause. It helps women to get rid of vaginal dryness as it is a source of lubrication for women’s genitals. It is a perfect solution for almost all types of menopausal disorders. It is in fact a safe way of management of all such issues.

What are the chief components?

Evanova is rich in herbal constituents such as Soya, Ashwagandha, Abhrak Bhasma, Arjuna bark, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Jyotishmati and Kukkutandatwak Bhasma. All these ingredients exhibit certain properties that are helpful in treatment and prevention of various discomforts experienced by women during menopause.

Recommended dose

Generally, one capsule of Evanova is advised to be taken twice in a day.

How to use?

Evanova gives results when it is use along with milk.

What are the major benefits?

  • Evanova helps in getting rid of any types of pain or other discomforts experienced by women during menopause. It allows women to pass through this stage in an easy way.
  • Abdominal cramps, pain in the legs, thighs and back are soothed down using
  • It helps in maintaining normal hormonal balance in the women’s body so that they may pass through menopause without experiencing any issues.
  • Problem of vaginal dryness in women during menopause is tackled in an apt way using this herbal medicine. It helps in proper lubrication of the vagina so that the problem of dryness may be managed well. It is a very good lubricator for the vagina.
  • Evanova is a perfect and safe way to manage almost all types of gynaecological problems experienced by women.
  • It soothes down any irritation or itching experienced by women in the vagina during menopause. It is again due to proper lubrication provided to the vagina by this wonderful herbal remedy.
  • Evanova offers great relief from pain in the pubic region that may be caused while passing through menopause.
  • Common and major symptoms of menopause are relieved n an effective way so that women may be relieved in a safe and natural way.
  • It manages all types of complications in the female gynaecological system during menopausal stage.
  • It is apt in management of peri-menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, insomnia and hot flashes.
  • It is even useful in management of cholesterol levels in women’s body during menopausal stage.
  • Occurrence of osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases in women at menopause is delayed and prevented.

Note- Although Evanova is totally assured of its safety for women however it is still advised to use this herbal product under medical supervision only.

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