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Weakness of the eyesight may be caused due to varieties of reasons or diseases. Though many people use glasses or spectacles to see clearly however there are certain eye disorders or diseases that require apt cure. Some eye disorders are related to the age while some others are caused due to faulty diet, lifestyle or general habits. Whatever the reason may be it is important to retain normal vision. It is best possible by opting for eye disorder herbal remedies. The herbal medicines presented by Swami Ramdev Ji seem to be the best option in this matter. It is all attributed to the herbal and safe nature of such medicines. The herbal medicines known as Divya Mahatriphla Ghrit and Divya Drishti Eye Drops are used for this purpose.

Both these medicines are an absolute source of nourishment for the eyes. The eyes start retaining normal functions with the continuous and prescribed use of these herbal formulations. The strength of eye muscles is improved significantly so that the users may not have to exert any strain or pressure in perceiving things around them. Also they may read even small letters easily. It is due to improvement in natural eye vision. Ramdev ayurvedic remedy for eyes is an excellent solution for numbers of eye problems including cataract and glaucoma.

Suggestible natural remedies for eyes

  • Those who wish to improve their eye vision naturally are advised to put 2-3 drops of a mixture prepared by mixing together rose water and glycerine. It is an excellent natural medicine for eyes. Numbers of eye diseases may be prevented with the use of this natural remedy.
  • In the same way, amla or Indian Gooseberry also proves to be one among the best natural ways to improve eye vision. For this, you must consume amla on regular basis. Also you may have a juice prepared by mixing amla juice and lemon juice each morning. It aids in keeping your eyes healthy in all respects.
  • Carrot is also a good source of all the essential nutrients required for good eye health and vision. Thus you must incorporate carrot juice in your routine diet.
  • Green leafy vegetables must also be incorporated in your regular diet. These supply the essential vitamins and other nutritional supplements required for normal eye vision.

Usefulness of yoga exercises in improving eye vision

Though eyes are quite small however these are quite important for the body. To keep your vision intact for long time, certain yoga exercises are particularly designed and developed. Most of these are aimed at movement of your eyes in specific way or directions. The main purpose of yoga exercises for eyes is to release stress and tension from the eyes. Also the eye muscles are made stronger for normal vision for long time. By focussing on some specific point during exercises, the concentrative capacity of the eyes is increased. With the regular performance of yoga exercises meant for eyes, you may improve your vision to great extent in a natural manner. Also it helps in getting rid of glasses or spectacles as you can see normally.


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