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The constitution and functions of bodies of human beings are quite complex. Same holds especially true for women who have to undergo various changes in their bodies at varying stages of life. That is why women suffer from various types of gynaecological problems. Also the physical in-built of women is such that they get affected by different types of health issues related to their genitals in an easy way. Low body immunity is also one among the various causative reasons for certain diseases related to the sexual parts and organs of women. Vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea is also one among these health issues that are suffered by women.

What is abnormal vaginal discharge?

Although most women have to suffer from discharge from their vagina during certain days of each month however some women suffer from abnormal vaginal discharge. It is also referred to as leucorrhoea in medical science. It is a condition under which there is discharge of white coloured sticky liquid from the female vagina. There is foul smell from this discharge. This condition is accompanied by vaginal irritation. It is chiefly caused due to improper hygienic conditions of the vagina. It means women who are careless about hygiene of their vagina are at high risk of suffering from this issue as compared to other women.

What is the solution?

The problem of vaginal discharge can be cured in an apt way by taking well care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the vagina. But sometimes this problem requires immediate medical attention or other treatment options. It helps in killing the microbes responsible for causing vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea. This in turn cures this problem in an effective way. Femiforte is an herbal cure for this problem.

Femiforte for vaginal discharge

Femiforte is an amazing herbal formula that helps in treatment as well as prevention of the problem of vaginal discharge. It is in fact a very good and efficient vaginal discharge cure. It attacks the microbes responsible for this condition and hence eradicates this problem completely well. It is totally a safe way of getting rid of vaginal discharge as it is purely organic in its origin. Other discomforts caused in the vagina due to leucorrhoea are also soothed down using this wonderful herbal cure. It is even useful in the treatment as well as prevention of urinary tract infection. It enhances natural body immunity so that the female sexual organs may be protected against attack of microbes. Also it saves the entire body so as to assure its overall well-being. It is also an excellent uterine bleeding treatment. It means bleeding from uterus can be stopped and prevented.

What it contains?

Femiforte is rich in herbal constituents such as Saraca Indica, Berberis Aristata and Tinospora cordifolia. All these are helpful in promoting and supporting normal and most optimal functions related to the sexual and reproductive organs of women.

Recommended dose

In most of the cases, one capsule of Femiforte is advised to be taken twice in a day. It may be continued till you get completely relieved of the problem of vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea.

What is there in a pack?

There are 30 tablets per pack of Femiforte.

What are the major uses?

  1. Femiforte is chiefly used to cure the problem of vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea from the female genitals. It helps in getting rid of this problem so that women may enjoy overall well-being.
  2. The infectious microbes responsible for vaginal discharge are killed using this herbal remedy. This in turn helps in treatment as well as prevention of this problem.
  3. The natural body immunity is improved which in turn helps in keeping the problem of vaginal discharge at bay.
  4. It is a very good tonic for the sexual as well as reproductive organs of women. Hence it helps in optimizing the functions relevant to both these important systems of the body.
  5. It is a very good cure for the problem of uterine bleeding. It helps in stopping the abnormal and unwanted bleeding from uterus and also prevents its further recurrence.
  6. It is quite useful in management of various types of problems related to the reproductive organs of women.
  7. The normal and most optimal functions of the reproductive organs in women’s body are promoted in a natural manner using Femiforte.
  8. It is even useful in reenergizing the entire body of women. It helps in dealing with the problem of physical weakness, exhaustion and tiredness caused due to vaginal discharge.
  9. Pain in the abdomen, legs and lower back caused due to leucorrhoea is also managed in an effective way.
  10. It is also an excellent remedy for the problem of vaginitis.

Are there any contradictions?

Femiforte is totally safe for the women’s body in all respects. It is free of any side-effects or contradictions. Hence it may be used by women without the fear of any side-effects.

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