Preventing Dengu with Ramdev medicines and yoga – Patanjali Giloy Ghan Vati 40g

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We come across many people that complain of fever, coughing, body aches or tiredness that are the signs of dengu,. Use of certain wrong medicines, poor diets, smoking, alcohol and unhygeinic habits may cause dengu that puts the guys into inconvenience. Use of some allopathic and traditional medicines may sometimes lead to side effects while the remedies suggested under the ayurvedic system of medicines do not result in any complications. That’s why that the patients prefer herbal formulations and the ones by Swami Ram Dev in particular.

The Yoga Guru has gifted the following medicinal gifts:

  1. Giloy Ghan Vati
  2. Giloy Sat

Unique features: Prepared with Giloy as the major ingridient; the above two gifts by Swami Ram Dev work wonders. Great relief from dengu is enjoyed by the patients that make use of these remedies in regular manners. No side effects are caused with these formulations that are free from any side effects, disease-causing agents or other substances that aggravate dengu. The users of these medicines are at zero risk while few of over-the-counter and conventional medicines may cause side effects. Swami Ram Dev is assisted by a team of expert medical professionals that ensure that these medicines undergo the ayurvedic principles, good manufacturing practices and safety checks. That’s the reason that the patients need not worry about these medicines that reach them in safe and intact manners. The above medicines since introduced by the yoga guru help in balancing vitiated tridoshas. People sufferingfrom skin diseases and painful sensations must try the same. Fever can be reduced and the patients can enjoy rejuvenation with their even use.

Treatments at your home – Those suffering from dengu may control it with the following:

  • Taking plain water after frequent intervals works wonders, says the Yoga Guru. Candidly, accumulation of wastes often results in dengu that can be treated well with detoxification that is possible with pure water. It is a great detoxifier that improves the functioning of our immune system that in turn fights dengu and other diseases.
  • Making use of Aloe Vera is one of the best home remedies to say NO to dengu, the dreadful ailment. It may be taken in the form of juice that is enrihced with minerals, vitamins and iron that are a must for our body to fight dengu.
  • Likewise, papaya leaves, pomegranates, wheat grass, tulsi, figs, raisins and other such herbal products act as strong medicines to check dengu in effective manners.

Treating dengu with yoga and physical activities

Dengu fever can be prevented well by performing yoga asana and physical actions that help in shedding wastes and sweat from our body. Frankly speaking, accumulation of harmful chemicals and other wastes in our body often results in various diseases including dengu that causes many complications. Those engaged in yoga asana and hard work fight the diseases in vigorous manners while the ones working in comfortable seats often fall victims to such ailments. As such why not say YES to yoga / physical activities and NO to inactivity?


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