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Sexual intercourse is definitely one among the most important needs of the human beings. It is in fact true for all types of living beings found on this earth. It is very much important to satisfy sexual urge. It is a natural instinct in most people that is chiefly regulated by certain hormones and other chemical processes going in the body. It involves physical, mental as well as emotional aspect of the human beings. To get engaged in the sexual activity in the best manner possible, it is very much important to have sexual stamina and vitality. But due to certain reasons some men suffer from physical and sexual weakness. They may even suffer from lack of sexual desire or sexual lust.

What is lack of sexual desire in men?

Men and women both get aroused for the sexual activity in a natural manner. It is all regulated by the sexual hormones. This instinct is called as sexual desire, libido or sexual lust. It is very much important to take active part in the sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, some men suffer from loss or lack of libido. It may be due to physical health issues or some other reasons. Whatever the reason may be both the partners have to suffer in terms of satisfaction of sexual desire due to this issue.

What is the solution?

It is very much important to get aroused appropriately so as to get involved in the sexual act. It is possible only if the respective hormones keep on working normally and most optimally. Equally important is the need to have requisite sexual stamina to take active part in the sexual intercourse. Men suffering from sexual debility or lack of desire need to take some medicines or other products so as to stimulate sexual hormones. Also it is important to rejuvenate the entire body using some tonics or nurturing agents.

Hamdard Hamdogen Energy Capsules

Understanding the need for regular sexual intercourse for men, Hamdard Hamdogen Energy Capsules have been formulated and presented by Hamdard herbals. These capsules are helpful in increasing physical energy and stamina in men. It can be used to increase sexual stamina in men naturally so that they may perform well in the sexual act. It allows men to enjoy this important activity of life in the most excellent manner possible. These are in fact the best vitality capsules meant for men. Without any doubts, Hamdard Hamdogen Energy Capsules are absolutely herbal in their origin. Hence it is quite safe for men in all respects. This herbal product can be used by men suffering from various types of sexual issues.

What it contains?

Hamdard Hamdogen Energy Capsules are rich in multitude of herbal components as listed below.

  • Pipal kalan
  • Khulanjan
  • Nagkesar
  • Tukhm Piyaz
  • Ajwain Khura-Sani
  • Mossli Safaid
  • Shaqaqual Misri
  • Zangjabeel
  • Tukhm Konch
  • Khusia Buzkhushk
  • Aqarqarha
  • Salab Misri
  • Salajeet
  • Kharateen Musaffa
  • Behman Safaid
  • Kushta Khabsul Hadeed
  • Tukhm Gazar
  • Kushta Mirgang
  • Zafran
  • Ambar
  • Kuchla Mudabbar
  • Starch

All these herbal constituents are useful for the human body in multiple ways. Hence these help in improving physical and sexual stamina. Also it stimulates men for the sexual act.

Recommended dosage

Generally, 1-2 capsules of this herbal product are advised to be taken two times in a day.

How to use?

These capsules offer best results when used with milk, juice or water or as per your doctor’s advice.

What is there in a pack?

A pack of Hamdard Hamdogen has 50 capsules in it.

What are the major benefits?

  • Hamdard Hamdogen Energy Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine that is chiefly meant for men. It helps in getting rid of physical and sexual weakness that may be caused due to any reasons. It is an amazing herbal medicine that helps in improving sexual stamina in men.
  • The entire body of men is nourished with all the essential nutrients which in turn optimize functions related to the sexual system as well.
  • Any types of sexual debilities experienced by men can be got ridden of and prevented using this top-rate herbal product.
  • Production of testosterone hormone is stimulated with the regular use of this herbal product. It is the chief hormone that plays an important role in arousing men for the sexual act.
  • It improves libido or sexual lust in men in a natural manner. It means the desire to take part in the sexual act is increased in a natural manner using this wonderful product.
  • It helps in getting complete sexual satisfaction during intercourse.
  • The brain is alerted about the need for physical love with the use of these capsules. This in turn allows body to perform better during the actual sexual intercourse.
  • It helps in making your mood for the sexual activity.
  • You can have stronger and long lasting orgasm so as to enjoy the sexual act for long time.

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