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It is an evident fact that women suffer from numerous health issues related to their sexual and reproductive life. Similarly, men also suffer from certain issues associated with their sexual life. Some of the common sexual issues suffered by men are low sperm count, low quality of sperms, night fall, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Obviously, all such issues have an adverse impact on the sexual life of both the partners. It is because men suffering from these issues are unable to take part in the sexual act fully well. Consequently, both partners remain sexually dissatisfied and disappointed.

What are sexual disorders in men?

Sexual disorders refer to such problems or issues in men that restrict the sexual activity in men. It means men suffering from sexual disorders are unable to get indulged in the sexual act whole-heartedly. They may feel complete loss of libido or unwillingness to perform the sexual act. Even they become irresponsive towards their partners. Hence it spoils the intimate relations and personal life of the two partners.

What is the solution?

First of all it is very much important to get to the exact problem from which men are suffering. Then it is advisable to diagnose the relevant cause behind such sexual issues. In most of the cases, medicines or treatment options meant to normalize and regulate the sexual functions in men are administered. Such medicines are aimed to rectify any problems or malfunctioning related to the sexual life of men. Also hormones responsible for the sexual act are stimulated to arouse men so that they may become responsive towards their partner as well as the sexual life in general.

Neo Tablets

Keeping in mind the importance of sexual activity in the life of men, Neo Tablets have been formulated and presented by the Charak medicine group. It has been very carefully prepared and presented under the guidance of experts for such men who are suffering from any types of sexual issues. Charak Neo Tablets are helpful in correction of any types of problems related to the sexual life of men. It is a very good cure for erectile dysfunction in men. It helps in management of this problem well so that men may be able to enjoy this act fully well. It can be used to increase sperm count. As a result, problem of male impotence is treated in an automatic way. Also it is suitable for such men who suffer from the problem of wet dreams. It is a superb night fall cure that can be used by men of any age. It can also be used to increase semen volume. Hence men who complain of low semen volume may use this product and get rid of their problem in an efficient way. It can even be used to increase male fertility. It improves fertile capacity of men.

What it contains?

Neo Tablets have been prepared using some of the wonderful herbal constituents found in the nature. It contains Kapikachchhu,  Bhringaraj, Shatavari and Yastimadhu. All these are beneficial for the male sexual system in one way or the other. Hence these offer excellent results.

Recommended dose

The dose of Neo tablets vary according to age of the users. Adults may take 1-2 tablets 3 times in a day for 6-8 weeks. Children need to take only 1 tablet three times per day.

How to use?

The tablet may be taken with milk. Children may be given this tablet by crushing the same and mixing with honey.

What is there in a bottle?

There are 75 tablets in a bottle.

Chief advantages

  1. Neo Tablets are chiefly used for management of sex-relevant problems suffered by men. This product is quite useful in treatment and prevention of problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, night loss and loss of libido.
  2. It acts as a very good nervine pacifier and hence releases stress, tension and other negative mental states.
  3. The neuromuscular and sexual irritability is reduced in men so that they may take active part in the sexual act.
  4. It acts as an excellent anti-depressant. This property is quite useful for such men who suffer from lack of libido due to depression or such other problems.
  5. It increases sperm count and semen volume in men naturally.
  6. It is an excellent treatment option for male infertility too. It can be used by men to become able to reproduce or make their female sex partners bear children.
  7. The entire body of men is revitalized and rejuvenated using this herbal formula. It helps in nourishing all the parts, organs and systems of men including those related to the sex life. As a result, men are able to get indulged in sexual act without any problems.
  8. Problem of premature ejaculation and night fall can also be managed effectively.

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