How to retain normal hair colour with Baba Ramdev products?



Hair problems are quite common these days due to increasing pollution and stress in general life. Apart from hair loss and hair fall, the problem of greying of hairs is also common in large section of the population. Youngsters suffer from premature greying of the hairs. They use artificial hair colouring agents or such other products that claim to retain natural hair colour. However, these products may cause further damage to the hairs.

In order to retain natural colour of your hairs and that too without causing any harm to them use of Baba Ramdev products is recommendable. The most popularly and commonly used product is Patanjali Henna Powder. It is an effective solution that helps in management of the problem of greying of hairs. In simple words, you may get rid of grey hair and retain natural hair colour with the use of this herbal product. Unlike other hair colouring products available in the market, this herbal formula is totally safe and dependable. It means you may retain natural hair colour and that too without causing any harm to your hairs in any ways.

Patanjali Henna Powder doesn’t cause any irritation or itching on your scalp or the skin of forehead. It is all due to purely herbal or organic origin of this product. It implies this product is free from any harm or hazards on your hairs or scalp.

How do herbal remedies help in management of greying of hairs?

  • Mother Nature is full of such natural remedies that help in promoting good health of the hairs. You may use any of the following remedies to get rid of greying of hairs and retain natural hair colour.
  • Prepare a mixture by boiling curry leaves in coconut oil till the oil turns black in colour. Apply this mixture thus prepared into your hairs and scalp. It is a great colouring agent that allows you to have shining black hairs.
  • Alternatively, curry leaves may be used by combining the same with curd or buttermilk.
  • Ribbed Gourd or commonly called as Torai is also a good natural remedy to tackle the problem of greying of the hairs. For this, you need to boil ribbed gourd in coconut oil till it turns black in colour. Use this oil for massaging your hairs and scalp.
  • Apply grated ginger mixed with honey into your hairs to retain natural hair colour.

How does yoga help in management of the problem of greying of hairs?

Like other problems related to the human body yoga poses also help in tackling the problem of greying of hairs. People struggling with the problem of greying of hairs may perform some asanas such as Camel Pose, Triangle pose and Knees to Chest Pose. There are some other poses as well that can be performed as per one’s experience. Yoga poses help in normalizing the melanin production in the body. Also protein content is synthesized in a better manner with the help of yoga poses. Stress is relieved and the entire body and mind is relaxed. All the hormones are regulated which in turn offers an automatic solution to the problem of greying of hairs.


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