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What are menstrual cycles?

Menstrual cycles refer to the monthly periods in the lifecycle of women. During this period, there is bleeding from the vagina of females. The walls of uterus shed off and are excreted out of the body in the form of blood. It is a normal process and is regulated by the hormonal changes taking place in the bodies of women. It is in fact quite important for the process of reproduction. However some women suffer from vaginal bleeding in an abnormal way. There is painful bleeding as well as some other symptoms too. This condition is then referred to as dysmenorrhoea.

What is dysmenorrhoea?

Dysmenorrhoea is a condition relevant to the menstrual cycles of women. Under this condition, women experience pain during bleeding or before the menstrual periods actually start. This condition is accompanied by some other symptoms too such as nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal cramps, pain in the legs and pain in the lower back. It is really a discomforting condition that needs to be treated in an apt and safe manner so that women may enjoy overall well-being. Also it is important from point of view of normal reproductive activity.

What is the solution?

Women need to take certain medicines or undergo certain treatments so as to normalize hormonal balance in their bodies. Also the underlying causes of this problem need to be tackled in the most appropriate manner possible so that this problem may be eradicated from its root cause.

SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets

As the name suggests, SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets are meant to offer a complete solution to the problem of dysmenorrhoea as well as painful bleeding in women. It is in fact a natural cure for this problem. It is a very good cure for abdominal cramps experienced by women during menstruation. It helps in relieving pain from the abdomen as well as legs and back region. It means SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets are an excellent painful menstruation treatment. It also helps in getting rid of all the associated signs and symptoms. It is the best known dysmenorrhoea treatment in the homeopathic medicine world.

What is the composition?

SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets are rich in naturally occurring ingredients such as Belladonna, Caulophylllum Thlictroides, Viburnum opulus and Cimicifuga recemosa. All these are useful in management of the problem of painful menstruation.


Generally, 4 tablets of SBL Homeopathy Dysmin are recommended to be taken 4 times per day during first two days of the periods. The dose may be decreased if pain reduces and the symptoms disappear during next two days.

How to use?

You just need to keep the tablets on your tongue and let them dissolve.

What is there in a pack?

A pack of SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets contains 250 tablets.

What are the benefits?

  • SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets are a perfect and complete cure for the problem of dysmenorrhoea or painful bleeding in women.
  • It helps women to pass through menstrual cycles in an easy and pain-free manner.
  • Pain caused in the abdomen, legs and back is relieved with the use of this wonderful homeopathy cure.
  • It is quite helpful in getting rid of almost all types of difficulties experienced by women in relation to their menstrual cycles.
  • It maintains normal hormonal balance amid various sexual and reproduction hormones. This in turn assures normal and pain-free menstrual cycles in women.
  • The sexual and reproductive organs are nurtured well using these tablets. Consequently, the functions related to both these systems are normalized in a natural manner.
  • The reproductive capacity is also improved to considerable extent in women. Hence women are able to conceive normally and deliver a baby safely.
  • SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets are even useful for women passing through the stage of menopause. It helps in relieving all the discomforting signs and symptoms associated with this condition.
  • It helps in dealing with any types of complications in the menstrual cycles in a safe manner. No harm is caused to the overall well-being of women with the use of these tablets.
  • Severe pain experienced by women in the pelvic region during menstruation is also soothed down. Hence women are able to pass through menstrual cycles without experiencing any pain.
  • It is also useful in case of irregular periods. It helps in regulation of the menstruation.
  • It is also useful in relieving pain in the uterus during menstruation. It soothes down any types of discomforts in the uterus that are experienced during menstrual cycles.
  • The antispasmodic action exhibited by these tablets help in getting rid of spasms in the entire body.
  • Ovarian cramps can also be relieved effectively using these homeopathic tablets. Also it is helpful in relieving sacrum ache and pain in pubis as well as thighs.
  • It also helps in fighting off anxiety and nervousness experienced by women during menstrual cycles.


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