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Although women are known to bear children through the process of conception and reproduction however men also have an important role to play in this activity. It is because the sperms or shukranu required for ovulation of eggs in the female reproductive system are supplied by the male semen only. Generally most men have sperms in their semen that travel to the female vagina and in turn the reproductive system. But some men have low sperm count or some other problems related to the reproductive systems. Some men have low sperm count while some others have poor quality of sperms. All these problems ultimately interfere with the normal process of reproduction. This condition is then referred to as infertility or impotency in medical science.

What is male impotency or infertility?

Obviously, male impotency or infertility is a condition wherein the males are unable to make their female sex partners pregnant through the sexual activity. It is because there are problems or disorders with the male sperms or male semen. Hence men are unable to contribute towards the reproductive activity in an effective and normal way. As a result, there is disappointment, stress and tension amid the relevant couple.

What is the solution?

Men suffering from impotency or infertility may get rid of this problem by switching over to some effective mode of treatment or medicines. The medicines or treatment options meant for infertility or impotency in men are meant to improve sperm count or quality of sperms in male semen. Also such medicines regulate secretion of reproductive hormones in men’s bodies. This in turn allows men to contribute towards the process of reproduction in an effective way.

Shukra Shakti

Since reproduction is quite important for any married couple therefore it is very much important to get rid of infertility or impotency. Keeping in mind the same fact, Shukra Shakti tablets have been made available. It helps in tackling all the issues suffered by men in relation to their reproductive system. It is a natural male infertility treatment that helps in improving the fertile capacity in male semen. Hence men are able to take part in the process of reproduction actively. It attacks at the major causes of male infertility so as to get rid of the same and make men capable of fertilizing the female eggs. It can be used to increase sperm motility in men so that these may be able to reach female reproductive system. Hence process of reproduction is stimulated naturally. Also it can be used to manage all such issues related to the sexual and reproductive systems of men. It is also an excellent ED cure. It helps men to achieve harder, stronger and long-staying erections. This in turn enhances sexual pleasure to considerable extent.

What it contains?

Shukra Shakti tablets have been prepared from some of the selected and most excellent herbal constituents found in the Mother Nature. The major components of this herbal product for male infertility treatment are as given below.

  • Ellettaria Cardamomum (Elaichi)
  • Santalum Album (Chandan Sweta)
  • Ashparagus Adscendus (Swet Mushli)
  • Mucana Purients (Kaunch Beej)
  • Asterakantha Longifolia (Talmakhana)
  • Eulophia Compesris (Salam Mishri)
  • Sachharum Officinarium (Mishri)

All these support most optimal functions of the reproductive system. As a result, the process of reproduction is stimulated naturally.

Recommended dose

Mostly, 2 tablets of Shukra Shakti are sufficient to be taken in a day to have the desired results.

How to take?

Shukra Shakti tablets can be taken with milk or even with plain water following meals. Use this product regularly to have the desired results.

What is there in a pack?

A pack of Shukra Shakti has 60 tablets.

Health benefits of Shukra Shakti tablets

  • Shukra Shakti tablets are quite efficient in dealing with any types of problems that interfere with normal process of reproduction. It implies it is an apt treatment option for male impotency or male infertility.
  • It improves sperm count in men so as to normalize level of the same. This in turn helps in accomplishment of the process of reproduction in an easy and normal manner.
  • The motility of sperms is also improved with the use of this product so that sperms may reach the female vagina or reproductive system. This in turn normalizes the process of reproduction.
  •  It helps in increasing sexual desire in men naturally. It is an excellent product that helps in management of the problem of lack of sexual desire in men.
  • The blood flow to the genitals is also improved with the use of this product. As a result, men get excited appropriately for the sexual act.
  •  Shukra Shakti tablets help men to regain the fertility so that they may be able to make their sex counterparts pregnant for continuation of race. It is totally a safe formula that may be used by men without the fear of any contradictions.


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