Hamdoroid capsules

Piles are among commonly faced problems by large section of population. Under this condition, the tissues in the anus become inflamed. There is swelling and redness in the anal region. It is due to reduced supply of blood to these tissues. It is a very painful condition. There are multiple factors that may be responsible for causing piles or haemorrhoids in a person. Chronic constipation and prolonged sitting for long time in same posture leads to occurrence of piles. It is due to the reason that in both the conditions there is excessive pressure in the anal region which in turn leads to swelling and inflammation of the anal tissues. Even bleeding is noticeable in some cases. There may be constant irritation in the anus due to occurrence of piles. The anal tissues become hard. In order to cure this condition in a natural and safe way, it is advised to take herbal formula called as Hamdoroid capsules. These have been especially formulated to get relieved of the pain and other discomforts associated with this health issue. Read More