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Acne is a widespread skin disorder that generally affects teenagers. It occurs by inflammation of the small oil glands (sebaceous glands) that envelops the fine hairs on the whole body and face.

The harshness of acne raises and characteristically attains its peak generally at the age of 15 to 19 years. For the majority people, acne are likable to wither away by the time they attain there mid 20’s. But in sensitive people it may carry on to have the disorder until they attain 40’s.

Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy or menses can also cause or add to acne. This is also the case with ecological irritants such as pollution, heat, moisture or cold.

Acne Causes

At some stage in puberty, the assembly of male sex hormones (androgens) increases in both girls as well as in boys that can stimulate the sebaceous glands or oil glands to make additional sebum. In a number of people, the sebaceous glands or oil glands are enormously receptive to androgens. These people, generally men, get acne so brutally that they require medical attention.

The enhanced production of sebum creates the openings of the sebaceous glands or oil glands slender that averts the sebum from being released out. In the meantime, the sebum production carry on despite or blocking.

Pimples are frequently caused by Propione bacterium, a widespread bacterium found on the skin that nourish on sebum. This bacterium fabricates waste products and fatty acids that aggravate the sebaceous glands or the oil glands causing inflammation in them.

Acne Symptoms

The primary symptoms of acne are minute, tender, red spots that afterward turn into pimples holding tainted fatty acids. The inflammation vanishes over a time, depending on the sternness.

Severe acne can lead to scars which will never fade away. Acne can also cause psychosomatic stress and be communally immobilized. An early effectual treatment is then very important.

Acne Treatment

World market is full of acne solutions but we all know that they are not much reliable. But from the land of ayurveda i.e. India we introduce to you with the worlds premier Ayurvedic acne solutions that will help you in getting rid of this stubborn and annoying disorder called acne.

Acnovin is one of the most powerful acne solutions that will help you in achieving the acne free skin that you always wanted. Being ayurvedic in nature this herbal acne solutions bears no side effects and is extremely beneficial in curing your acne.

Acnovin is empowered with the world renowned ayurvedic herbs and compounds that have proven there worth in acne solutions. Below are few of the wonderful ingredients that are present in Acnovin capsules and cream.

Arogyavardhani vati – this is and herbal supplement which has been mentioned in one of the oldest ayurvedic herbal book known as charka Samhita. This is a good skin care herb as well has the potential to treat acne and is a good acne solutions. Though it contains about more than 15 herbs yet the active ingredient in it is kutki that has wonderful action in treating all kinds of skin related problems.

Khadir – khadir is world renowned herb for its activities in treating skin disorders. It is also a wonderful acne solutions. This herb botanically is known as Acacia catechu. This herb is found very commonly in Indian subcontinent. More over this herb is being used by Ayurvedic doctor’s world wide to treat acne and is considered as a confirmed acne solutions.

Parval pishti – This is and organo mineral herb that is used since ages to treat acne and is a time tested acne solutions. This herb is cool in nature and hence helps in eradicating the excess of pitta humor that is the prime cause of acne as per ayurveda is concerned.

Curcuma longa – A very widely famous herb for providing nourishment to the skin. Curcuma longa is one of the powerful anti bacterial agent that has the potential to curb any kind of infection that occurs in the body. It is also capable in eradicating the formation of micro-orgamism in the acne spots thus providing a concrete acne solutions. As per ayurveda, it is known as haridra.

Santalum album – this herb is known as chandana in ayurvedic terminology. This herb is famous for it cooling effects and aroma. This provides cool effect to the body and relives from pitta dosha. It also fights against the bacterium that is the prime cause of acne. It is a good acne solution.

Karpardika bhasma – this is another powerful organo-mineral agent of ayurveda that has potential to balance the all the three humors of the body which that will make our body system strong and powerful to fight against acne causing agent. It’s a good acne solutions.