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Diabetes is a situation that not only makes a person diseased but also can be a major reason for many other complications in the body. Everybody is awakened of the health hazards that are caused by diabetes.

It is a very worrying thing that diabetes have crept into our society very fast. In a survey conducted almost there is a increase of 300 % in diabetic cases in past 20 years. This is extremely alarming. It is even sad to say that kids and even the new born kids are affected by this deadly disease.

Types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes  - this type of diabetes occurs to those people whose cells of langerhans of pancreas are unable to manufacture insulin. People with such type of diabetes requires insulin injections.

Type 2 diabetes  - This type of diabetes occur to those people where beta cells of pancreas make insufficient amount of insulin.

Causes of diabetes

    1. Metabolic malfunction
    2. Body cells become insulin resistant
    3. Disease in pancreas
    4. Autoimmune factors
    5. Hereditary and genetic factors
    6. Sedentary life style
    7. Over consumption of sugar
    8. Gestational diabetes

Complication of uncontrolled diabetes

  1. Eye complications – a diabetic patient is exposed to so many eye related complication including glaucoma.
  2. Foot complications – chances of developing gangrene.
  3. Skin complications - Various skin problems are associated with increased sugar levels in blood
  4. Heart problems – Heart attacks are commonly seen in highly diabetic patients
  5. Hypertension – High blood pressure is a complication of prolonged diabetes
  6. Mental health – It has been seen that high levels of sugar in blood may lead to mental problems
  7. Hearing loss – hearing loss is also associated with low hearing capacity.
  8. Gum disease – bleeding gums are another reason
  9. Gastroparesis
  10. Ketoacidosis
  11. Neuropathy – very commonly encountered problem
  12. Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome - It is an emergency condition.
  13. Nephropathy
  14. Peripheral arterial disease
  15. Stroke
  16. Erectile dysfunction - male impotence.
  17. Infections - body becomes prone to infection especially that of urinary tract.
  18. Healing of wounds – wound healing is very much affected by presence of high blood sugar.

Symptoms of diabetes

    1. Sudden weight loss
    2. Experiencing excessive thirst
    3. Urge of frequent urination
    4. Fatigue and tiredness all the time
    5. Feeling of nausea
    6. Irritability
    7. Yeast infections becomes very frequent
    8. Vision becomes blurred and difficult to see
    9. Healing of wounds become slow.
    10. Numbness and tingling sensation in limbs especially in feet are commonly seen.


Diabetes is a tough disease to eliminate. Dr. Jyotiraditya has worked tremendously hard to create an herbal formulation that helps in fighting the diabetes problem. According to various Ayurvedic ancients’ texts, this problem of diabetes is known as madhu meh. According to Ayurveda madhu meh is difficult to cure but can cured if proper medication is administered at right time. Considering this aspect, Dr Jyotiraditya has made an herbal health pack that not only helps in fighting the diabetes but also helps in eliminating the diabetes. A blend of some secret herbs and there blissful combination has given some tremendous results for treating diabetes problem. Most of the people who were having diabetes are maintaining the diabetes very well with this health pack. It may be helpful in elimination of diabetes also. Also many people have found relief in sugar levels who were on insulin.


I am very satisfied with the treatment given by Dr. Jyotiraditya. My sugar levels have decreased to almost normal and my body is feeling very active. I am still continuing this. I am hope that my sugar may get eliminated from my body. Shashi Luthra, Dubai, UAE

Hello, I am Sam from Austria. I had a very uncontrolled sugar levels. I was feeling very depressed with the sugar levels I was getting in my glucometer. I bought a health pack for controlling diabetes. I am consuming this regularly. My sugar levels are controlled now. I am happy.

Hi there, I was shocked to see high sugar levels of my blood glucose. I had no history of sugar in my family. I consulted Dr. Jyotiraditya and started with his health pack for diabetes control. With just 2 months of medication my sugar levels became normal. I am extremely happy. Presently I am not consuming any medicine but still my sugar levels are controlled.

Diabetes is one of the most commonly occurring problems round the globe. Technically it is known as Diabetes Mellitus. This is actually a disease in which there is uncontrolled increase of glucose or sugar level in the blood there by leading to many troubles.

The glucose levels are controlled by a chemical known as insulin in the body. These disturbances in the insulin levels lead to the uncontrolled increase in the glucose in the blood that can even be detected in the urine.

This section of diabetes will guide you to various remedial ways by which you can not only will get relief from your diabetes but also will get cured with this stubborn diseases.