Madhumehari Yog Swaran Yukt

Diabetes or high blood sugar is a condition that is found commonly in large numbers of people. It is a condition which is characterized by excessively high level of sugar in the blood due to improper functioning of the pancreatic beta cells. It is because when these cells don’t work properly then production of insulin hormone is affected. Either there is inadequate production of insulin hormone or there is complete absence of the same. This in turn leads to rise in the sugar or glucose level in the blood. It is because insulin hormone is responsible for conversion of sugar into energy.

When insulin is not available in requisite amount in the body then sugar is not converted into energy and hence the concerned person suffers from physical weakness and lethargy. Although diabetes is an incurable condition however it can be controlled by using certain medicines or herbal products such as Madhumehari Tablet for Diabetes. It is a wonderful product that helps in control and management of this condition in a safe manner.

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