Charak CALCURY 40 Tablets for Urinary Calculi

Toxic substances in the body are cleansed with the help of our kidneys that flush out the waste material through our urine. Excessive amounts of uric acid or calcium in the urine cannot be broken down by our kidneys. It results in formation of calcium crystals that stick together in the shape of stones/calculi. Known as kidney stones or renal calculi; they may be small equal to sand grains or larger like sparrow’s egg.  

Our urine helps in removing waste from our physique. Sometimes metabolic wastes keep on accumulating for prolonged periods. It results in formation of kidney stones. These may occur because of uncontrolled chemicals and pH environment of the kidneys. Smallest amount calculus may be responsible for getting occupied in the urinary tract and damage the kidneys. Gall stones exist in the shape of concretions in the biliary tract in the gall bladder.

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