Allium Sativum / Lasuna / Garlic 60 Capsules

High blood cholesterol is a problem that has now become common in large numbers of people. It is due to inactive lifestyle of most people that results in increase in the level of waxy substance called as cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol is also a kind of fat which is required for normal and most optimal functions of the multiple parts and organs related to human body. When level of cholesterol increases in the blood then it leads to deposition of the same in the blood vessels and the arteries. This in turn increases the risk of numerous heart related issues. Therefore it is utmost important to keep a check over the level of cholesterol in the body.

Most people prefer using conventional medicines to lower down the cholesterol level in the blood but these cast an adverse effect on the overall body health. Lasuna or Garlic capsules prove to be quite important and safe in this respect. It is because garlic or lasuna capsules have been prepared from naturally occurring ingredients only. Therefore no harm is caused to the health of a person in any way. Read More