According to recent survey about 95 % of the world population is suffering from some or the other kind of dental problems. This situation can be blamed to the wrong feeding habits and kind of food stuff ingested. More over not following the right kind of dental hygiene also increases the percentage of dental problems.

tooth paste
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What kind of problems people suffer with?

  • Tooth Cavities
  • Foul smell from mouth
  • Yellow teeth
  • Plaque formation
  • Bleeding and swollen gums
  • Loosening up of gums and tooth
  • Tooth ache
  • Oral infection
  • Tooth decay - A disease in which bacterial infection damages the hard tooth structure. It is worth mentioning here that tooth is considered as the one of the hardest structure present in body. These tissues eventually break down causing caries.
  • Gum disease – Due to some kind of infections or unknown reason inflammation occurs causing damage to periodontium eventually causing loosening and loss of teeth structure.
  • Toothache - A pain in a tooth or teeth
  • Tooth loss

You might be having one of such problems and I am sure about it. Due to changes in life style and lack of personal care, people these days have damages their body. Brushing teeth in the morning is a part of formality rather then a personal hygiene activity, for now a mere formality than a personal hygiene and you will surely agree with me. We just brush are teeth as we have to. We really don’t know what exactly is the method of brushing teeth, more over we also don’t know that the toothpaste you are using is right for you or not.

Most of us believe that teeth are white and shiny they are healthy but this is wrong. Shiny and white teeth do not signify that you have a perfect and healthy oral cavity. It should be properly treated as mouth is the first place where you ingest anything, more over technically speaking digestion starts in the mouth. If the mouth is not in the proper shape then you ought to have a lot of trouble in your metabolic activities. You should also take care of your teeth as you need to chew food before it inters your stomach.

So many troubles and still no answer for the tooth related problems.

You need not worry. Mother Nature has provided you with a remedy that will surely change your life. We introduce to you a world famous dental cream Hekla Lava. This product is highly recommnede by Dr. Jyotiraditya.

Benefits of Hekla Lava Dental cream

    1. Fights infections in oral cavity
    2. Strengthens gum
    3. Checks bleeding
    4. Rectifies tooth decay
    5. Helpful in gingivitis
    6. Prevents caries
    7. Prevents neuralgia
    8. Prevents pyorrhea
    9. Fights bad breath
    10. Whitens teeth
    11. Provides freshness in mouth
    12. Being herbal in nature so has no side effects
    13. Safe for children

 Herbs helpful in tooth problems

  1. Choti ilaychi (Elettaria cardamomum) – it helps in refreshing your mouth, stimulates taste buds and also helps in increasing the salivary secretion. It males gums strong and also improves the tooth condition. Its antibacterial action helps in fighting against the bacterial invasion occurring in the oral cavity.
  2. Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum) - traditionally being used in suppressing toothache by its strong actions of its volatile oil. It helps in reducing the pain of the tooth that is very severe and unbearable. It promotes circulation in the mouth because of its astringent properties. It also heals up ant kind or wounds and injuries occurring in oral cavity. It makes teeth strong and long lasting.
  3. Saunf (Foenieulum vulgare) – a very famous herbs, that found its existence in every kitchen in India. It is a good agent to flavor your mouth. Its cold potency helps in healing any kind of ulcers and wound in the mouth. It fades away all the bad or foul smell from the mouth. It promotes the salivary secretion which in-turn helps in retarding the bacterial growth. It also helps in promoting digestion in the mouth and maintaining the proper hygienic condition in the mouth. It makes the gums strong and prevents the cavity formation.
  4. Neem (Azadirachta indica) - the worlds most wonderful herb. Extensively used in maintaining the proper health of teeth. Its powerful microbial action makes it the herb of choice to provide maximum protection to your teeth. It heals up the wounds and also supports the oral cavity by preventing any kind of infection caused. It restores the taste in the mouth. Due to scrapping action it scraps away the plaque formation on the teeth making it appear like pearls. It also promotes the circulation of blood in the mouth keeping gums supplied with the nutrients required to maintain the proper health.
  5. Babool (Acacia arabica)– a precious ayurvedic herb used since ages as the dental remedy and also as the mouth freshener because of its unique anti bacterial and clotting properties. It helps in curbing any kind of infection occurring in mouth
  6. Khadir (Acacia catechu) – known as katha, a very famous ingredient of Indian Mouth freshener and digestive agent “PAAN” is very helpful in restoring the taste in mouth, reduce any foul smell, and also helps in cleaning the tongue coated with debris.

How to use Hekla Lava dental cream

This technique has been recommended by American dental association. No doubt you have been brushing your whole life but are you sure that you are getting the right benefit from it. Frankly saying NO.

Below is the technique that is helpful in getting full effect of brushing

    1. Apply the Hekla Lava dental cream on the hairy part of the brush.
    2. Brush your teeth at an angle of 45 degree on the inner as well as the outer surfaces of the teeth.
    3. The strokes should be in shirt half tooth wide way against the gum line
    4. The flat sources of the teeth i.e. the chewing part, hold the brush flat and keep brushing in front and back direction
    5. When it comes to the inner surface4 of the front teeth, tilt the brush vertically and use the upward and backward stroke. Stroke should cover the complete are of the teeth.
    6. Brushing the tongue is also very important. Brush it in back front direction and remove the coating on it.


This is one of the best tooth pastes I have ever used. So refreshing....
Jyotinder Singh Grewal