Divya Peya Herbal Tea


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(100 grams of Divya Peya manufactured by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy)

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(100 grams of Divya Peya manufactured by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy)

Main Ingredients:
Ela (cardamom), Teja-patra, Tvak or Dalchini (cinnamon), Lavanga (clove), Chandana, Jati-patri, Jati-phala, Marica (black pepper), rose-flower, lotus flower, Ashwagandha, Soma-lata, Punarnava, Vasa, Citraka, Amrita, Bhumyamalaki, Rohisha (Agiya Ghas), flower of Banaphsha (wild violet), Brahmi, Shankha-puspi, Tulasi (holy basil), Pippali (long pepper of small size), Shweta Candana, Cavya, Sunthi (dry ginger), Musta, Mishreya (Saunf), Arjuna, etc.
Therapeutic Uses:

  • Divya Peya is An Ayurvedic drink, free from alcohol, having sweet taste & the best substitute for tea.
  • It Promotes immunity in the body, so protects the attack of kaphaja diseases
  • If by somehow there is an attack of kaphaja disease, patient gets immediate relief by its use.
  • Stimulates power of digestion; strengthens body & brain, makes the brain tranquil; controls cholesterol & protects from heart-disease.
  • This celestial drink strengthens the liver. The best quality of this drink is that it doesn't harm the unctuousness of milk, & is absolutely free from nicotine and caffeine. On the other hand, there are different varieties of tea which are available in the market which contain nicotine, & these cause a variety of complications like gas, constipation & hyper-acidity.

Mode of Administration:
Prepare like common tea; boil more than common tea, more boiling gives more effects of herbs added in the preparation; add sugar according to the taste.
Like a common tea, as per requirement. Add the powder equal or lesser than common tea.


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