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Lady Secret Serum - Constrict Vagina to make it Tight like a Virgin

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Benefits of Lady Secret Serum

  • vagina tight gelTightens and firms the vagina in the most natural way
  • Promotes the best pleasurable stimulation without causing vaginal dryness
  • It is rich with a hormone estrogen extracted from plant sources that acts as natural lubricating agent for vagina
  • Easy to use serum to enhance the suppleness of vagina and also tightens the vagina walls.
  • Contains natural anti-infectant that helps in evading vagina from infections of pathogens and microbial organism.
  • Promotes a natural contraction of vaginal walls to make you experience the best joy rides with your boy
  • Maintains normal lubrication in vagina by reducing the extra mucus secretion.
  • Has the power of natural herbs that fights any kind of inflammation thus inhibiting accumulation of any foul odor and smells
  • Increases blood flow towards the vaginal wall and G spot to experience the best sexual pleasure.
  • Helps in providing lighter and pinking tone to vagina making it more attractive to men.
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Now forget about your age. Experience the pleasure and intimate feeling every time like first time.

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We all know the importance of sex in our life. Sex plays an integral part in our life as this is the method by which a species is able to reproduce and give birth to beings of its own type. But women face some of peculiar problems that may hinder this aesthetic yet pleasure experience. Owing to use, the muscular walls become loose and she and even he get devoid of the intense pleasure that they both experience otherwise. Herbalcureindia Ladies secret Serum has been created to counter this problem. This precious herbal formulation has been a creation of team of scientists and doctors who discovered some secret herbs from the rains forest of Thailand. These precious herbs had the capability to constrict the muscular wall of vagina to make it as tight as that of a virgin. More over the serum base of the wonderful herbal product helps in catering problems like vaginal dryness, over mucus formation, insufficient lubrication, over wetness of the vagina and some other important sex related issues of a woman.

Lady secret is a precious formulation that is answer to all the female sex related queries. It not only tightens vagina but also helps in achieving the Orgasm that a females deserve. Many females come up to my clinic and ask me about The G spot.

Well for your knowledge I will tell you what exactly G spot is. G spot is an area in female genital tract that has the highest sensitivity to achieve pleasure during a sexual act. This G spot is responsible for achieving the best ever pleasure that women can achieve. This is the spot that is responsible for achieving orgasm.

Lady Secret helps in stimulating the G-spot for intense and intimate pleasure.

How Lady Secret Serum works?

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Lady Secret Serum The herbal and natural vagina tightening cream has instant effect. You can feel the effect within 20 minutes of application. You can feel the blood flow towards the vagina walls and warm sensation in vagina that is pleasurable. This also makes you feel the stimulation of your G spot. With the regular use of Lady Secret from herbal Cure India helps in achieving the desired tightness of the vagina walls and also enhances the stimulation to attain pleasure. It can be safe applied before having sex. It is 100 % safe and also provides lubrication to vagina and hence no other lubricant is needed. It is 100 % safe with or with condom. It is also safe for oral touch.


Lady secret Serum is 100 % herbal. It contains Pueraria Mirifica and Tropical herb extracts. The serum contains the base of carbopol, Butylene Glycol and water.

How to use?

Wash your hands properly. Also wash your vagina properly. Now take some lady secret serum on your fingers and gently apply the serum on the vaginal walls. Do not rinse off with water.


5ml bottle packing. Comes in packing of 6 bottles.


In general Lady secret serums have no known side effects and have been clinically tested. But it should be avoided during pregnancy, menstrual cycle, excessive skin allergies, vaginitis and sexually transmitted diseases.


What kind of Vagina attracts a Man?happy relationship

It may sound strange but men have some preferences in a choosing a vagina.

  1. The inner lips of vagina commonly called labia minora should not protrude out and should not be big or asymmetrical.
  2. The outer lips of a vagina known as labia majora should be well formed and should look firm with fewer amounts of hairs.
  3. Vagina or the female genital tract should be tight, small in size and should have a pink tone.
  4. The clitoris, the pleasure spot of female should not be big or abnormally small. It should also not be thick.
  5. Vagina should not have any discharge or foul smell.
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